TW Boons – Greenwood SC

Until last October, every time I went to TW Boons , I ordered the same thing: Roadrunner with fries (see top photo). It is basically a chicken sandwich with bacon, cheese, and honey mustard sauce. I used to get the chicken fried, but once I started trying to lower my calorie intake, I ordered it blackened. I love the seasoning mixture they put on the chicken when they put it on the grill. The fries are standard with a dash of season salt. Since they can be skimpy on the salt, I ask them to add extra.
Even though I have been to TW Boons several times in the last few months, I have not ordered my standby sandwich. They installed a hot bar! I am not usually one for eating bar food. I detest Ryans / Quincy’s and many of the chain all-you-can-eat places. But TW Boons’ hot bar is so different.

1. They only put out a little bit of food at a time so the food does not get stale
2. They have REAL mashed potatoes (that are a little lumpy just like I like them) and other vegetables PLUS salad bar
3. The fried chicken is really good
4. Dessert is included!

I think that reason #4 is the best reason of all. I don’t have a picture of my dessert but try to imagine this: Fried sweet pastry with a cheesecake filling with a light dusting of cinnamon and powdered sugar.
My goal was to lower my calorie intake, but I am eating fried chicken and dessert now. Oh the irony!


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