Foodie Friday- Sal & Pepe Marina #italianfood #sxmrestaurants

Sal y Pepe Marina ( – Italian Address: Welfare Rd, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten Phone: +1 721-545-0021 I love Italian food! And when I have a chance to go to an Italian restaurant where I know the pastas are freshly made and everyone on the island recommends this place, sign me up!  Insider Info: The lasagna and spaghetti alfredo are perfection on a plate but be sure to save room for the tiramisu TOW final word: This whole meal from start to finish was absolutely amazing! The whole meal was an experience in culinary greatness. The flavors melted together so well and the Prosecco was a delicious complement to the pasta.  10/10 totally recommend
Spaghetti Alfredo with chicken

Basilico Pizzeria & Italian #greenvillesc

We were in the mood for Italian and had an very delicious dinner at Basilico Pizzeria & Italian cuisine next to the Haywood mall.

My cousin and I arrived about 5pm for an early dinner and fortunately there was not a wait. We were seated and the server came quickly to ask for our drink order.

While the server was polite, I did not get the type of reception I read about in reviews on a local foodie facebook page I follow. In their reviews, they said the servers were super friendly and treated you like family.

Case in point: I asked the sever what wines they had. She said “all kinds”. She acted like it would be an imposition to bring a wine list. I ended up ordering a house Pinot Grigio. Price unknown at time of ordering!! I figured it could not be more than $10-12 but it felt awkward to ask.

After that unpleasantness, we were ready to order because we were hungry and the service was not so bad we felt we had to leave.

The food was FANTASTIC!

Portion size 5/5 Taste 4/5 Appearance 4/5

Caesar salad
Chicken Parmesan
Chicken Marsala
Pinot Grigio

What candy you give at a tradeshow says about you

I am self proclaimed candy connoisseur.

After years of going to trade shows and doing extensive research, I am reporting my findings in the different types of companies that have vendor tables.

The candy at your table says a lot about your business.

Let me explain…

A bowl of m&m or trail mix with a scoop:

We are trying to be economical and we don’t care about germs.

Peppermints :

We know you want candy and we want your breath to be minty fresh in hopes you decide to talk to us

Wrapped Fun size candy:

We are a top tier company and we want you to party with us

Wrapped Snack size candy:

We know what you want but didn’t want to splurge for the fun size but hopefully you‘ll check us out anyway

Jolly ranchers :

There wasn’t any other candy available and we apologize in advance that your candy bag will be a sticky mess by the end if the day

FOODIE FRIDAY: BOSS Raw Superfood Bar #foodiefriday

This Foodie Friday is all about SNACKS!!!

I tried the BOSS Raw Superfood Bar.

BOSS stands for Blended Original Superfood Snack (

The ingredients for the bar I tried included banana, pumpkin see, and cacao powder.

It is Soy Free, Paleo, Gluten free, Vegan

TOW: I wanted to like this. It is so healthy and full of good ingredients! I wanted to eat this as a meal replacement. I had high hopes!

As you can probably tell by now, I did not like it. I am hoping I might like a different flavor.

It was very dense, which was too be expected. But I had a hard time chewing it because I did not like the flavor. I like bananas, but this tasted like a lot of overripe bananas. The taste was too overwhelming for me.

But if you like raw foods, you might like this.

Foodie Friday #summerwines

This Foodie Friday is all about WINE!!!

It is summer time and that means relaxing at the beach or chilling by the pool.

We also love cookouts during these longer days.

We are still technically in a pandemic, but I think it has gotten a little easier to navigate. Social events are happening but for the most part, we like to be outside.

Hotter temps mean choosing wines that are lower in alcohol, lighter in body, refreshing flavor, and pair well with BBQ and other grilled foods.

Vines to Wine ( ) hosted a class and introduced several different wines that I am now going to my list of summer wines.


Cotes de Provence Blanc

TOW comment: Light with fruity notes. Would go well with grilled chicken or dessert


TOW comment: Light sweet with medium acidity. Medium finish

Pinto Noir Rose

TOW comment:  fresh and a little fruity with a short finish.


TOW comment: dry with cherry notes. Would go well with salmon

All of the wines we tried were good but I think my favorite was the Cote de Provance. I liked the smooth, long finish.

It’s great to go to wine tastings because you can discover wines that best match your palate!