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Welcome to TOW monthly feature call Thursday’s Thoughts. On the last Thursday in the month, I share the thoughts of a featured author in the form of answers to questions I posed to them.

August’s featured author is K P Smith.

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How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since forever. Long before I became an author, I wrote countless words, thoughts and ideas down in notebooks. Journaling was a lifeline for me. It was my therapy and my coping mechanism during the tough times of growing up. Writing is cleansing and therapeutic for me.

I’m an avid reader so I wanted to write a book since I read “Hey God It’s Me Margaret” by Judy Blume. My dream of becoming an author was actualized in 2011.
Who is one author that you would like to collaborate with? 

We have to go to the great beyond. Sidney. Sheldon.That.Is.All.

What has been the best compliment you have received? 

I don’t think I can pick one. But anytime someone tells me something I’ve said or written has helped, inspired or encouraged them always make me feel like I’m doing something useful.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I have two teenage sons that keep me busy. When I do get some time for me, I do have my favorite tv shows I like to watch sitting on my loveseat with my tweepers on Twitter. I also love a good movie and a good book, of course.

Who is K P Smith? She believes everyone is here for a reason. They are here for a purpose. Life is a gift to be enjoyed not endured. We are here to thrive not merely survive. Whether it’s penning My Growing Pains Series or her upcoming non-fiction books, or coaching first time indie authors or helping people with their relationships; she is always discovering new ways to help people live their best lives possible.

The only thing better than watching my favorite shows is watching it with millions of others via twitter!! She is a major tweeter!


Book Blurb: Kendra’s in high school! New Beginnings abound at home, school and in her relationships. Things are changing at lightning speed.

She’s saying hello and embracing new relationships while at the same time coping with heart breaking good-byes of others.
Patrice convinces her to give an “old friend” another chance. This coupled with an unplanned chain of events catapults Kendra from a place of obscurity to center stage at school. Center stage has her wedged in a long standing school rivalry which will divide and test her loyalties. And threaten her new relationships.
Kendra isn’t the only one embarking on new beginnings.  A health scare creates a new family dynamic but even with a new dynamic it’s the same family drama.  The family tension escalates and bubbles over and with Meme gone Papa is left trying to keep the family intact.
High school brings about “A New Katrina” and Avery and Jamie don’t escape the winds of change blistering through either.
New Beginnings is the next chapter in the Growing Pains Series. Kendra’s journey continues. In Book Two she finds her own place her own voice in her own way.



Book Blog Tour: Fire by Tiffany Flowers #dragon #romance @Authortflowers

Title: Fire
Series: A Dragon’s Novel #1
Author: Tiffany Flowers
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Dragons are not supposed to exist. They are just fairy tale creatures in stories used to get children to sleep. Now faced with a living breathing Dragon, Jade Teal has no choice but to believe. And with this newfound knowledge, danger arrives at every turn.

Alex Sparks is the leader of the Drac Dragon Clan. He doesn’t want a mate, ever. Sent out on a rescue mission to save a human female, he comes face to face with someone that he did not expect. To protect her, his world will be set on fire.

Got the female. She is injured. I am going to hide out in the apartment to make sure she doesn’t need medical attention. If she doesn’t, we should be home tomorrow. I send across the line that connects my clan together. It is a mental connection that allows us to speak through our minds.
They all answer with okay except Dimitri who always has a smart ass comment. She must be your mate or you would have tied her to the back of your dragon form and dragged her here for someone else to tend to. Never thought I would see the big bad Alex brought to his knees by a careless female.
I growl through the connection, letting them all know he is right. SHIT. Shut up, Dimitri, or I will burn you until you’re almost dead, let you heal and do it all over again.
I shut off the connection, not wanting to hear their snide comments. How in the world is this fragile female mine? I need a hard female that can keep up with me, on and off the battlefield. I walk to her to make sure she is breathing, even though I know my body would know the instant she wasn’t. The magic coming off my body has found her. There is no turning back. She has already become the air in my lungs. It is how Dragons’ bodies are made. Nothing my head thinks matters now. My heart has found its rhythm.
She begins to come to. She coughs and groans. Her eyes flash open and meet mine. They are blue. Blue like the bottom of a flame.
Tiffany Flowers was born and raised in a small town in Alabama. She was always caught reading and jotting down little ideas. Now all grown up she lives a town over from where she was born. She lives with her husband and three kids. You will still catch her reading, but now she turns those ideas into novels.

Author Spotlight: Terry Bolryder #paranormalromance #bearshifter #lionshifter

Author Spotlight: Terry Bolryder


It is rare that I buy every book from one author. In the case of Terry Bolryder, she has found a formula in her writing that draws me in so much, that I pretty much want everything that she has written.

I have read SEVERAL complete series and box sets from her. From the books I have read, it seems that she writes paranormal books focusing on bear and lion shifters as her main characters.

I discovered Terry Bolryder when I purchased the Polar Heat Boxed Set . I liked her writing style because she has so many different types of plots that are somewhat similar in a way, but still different enough that I am entertained. Her heroes are alpha protectors who will do whatever they have to do in order to be with their mates. The heroines are independent, sassy, and can hold their own against the dominant men who come into their lives.

Another great thing I like about her writing, fated mates does not matter when it comes to race or species. Some stories are BWWM and others are bear-lion or bear-wolf shifter combinations. None of it seems forced. They (usually the guy) recognize who their fated mate is and they do what they have to do in order to ensure the relationship’s success.

Should you buy? I think so! I just went ahead and provided the links for the box sets (where available) because you cannot read just one!

Bear Haven Box Set

Mountain Bear – Shane
Rancher Bear -Jesse
Wild Bear – Maverick
Mountain Lion – Wyett (my fave of this series)

Bear Claw Security Series

Bearly a Hero (my fave of this series)
Bear to the Rescue
Bearly Human
Bear to the end

Polar Heat Boxed Set

Bear-ever Yours
Some Bear to Love (my fave of this series)
One in a Bear-llion
Remem-bear Me

Soldier Bears Box Set

Big Bad bear – Zeus (my fave of this series)
Big Sexy Bear – Ares
Big Strong Bear – Hades

Lion Pride

King of Rock
Prince of Fate 


Blog Tour: Expectation by Holly Mortimer @Mortimerwrites #romance

Title: Expectation
Series: The Murphy’s Law #1.0
Author: Holly Mortimer
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 16, 2016

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” – Murphy’s Law


I’m a doctor. Not just any doctor. I’m an OB/GYN, so I know my way around the female anatomy. It goes without saying, I’m pretty comfortable around women. That is, until one particular bespectacled beauty makes me incredibly uncomfortable. And suddenly, I’ve got no clue whatsoever what to do about this particular woman.

I did it. I had a one night stand and now all the warnings my momma gave me are coming true. I’m pregnant and he’s not really into relationships, let alone the instant family kind. So, I’m going it alone in Ireland, a country I’ve only just moved to, and ready to be a single mother, until my search for a doctor leads me right back to him.

Chapter 1
The energetic crowd was pulsing around me as yet another drink was shoved into my hand by my best friend, Keeva. Not for the first time tonight I wondered how the hell I had ended up in Temple Bar. The atmosphere here was as far removed from my safe and cozy existence as could possibly be. In a rare moment of weakness, I had agreed to drink away my loneliness amongst a few hundred of my closest friends.
“Here ya go, girl. Driiiink up!”
“Ugh, I don’t know if I can, Keeva. I’ve totally lost count of how many I’ve had and that isn’t good. Not at all. This drink is gonna push me into sloppy, and I’m kind of comfy here in happy Gray land.”
She ignored me as usual and wrapped an arm around me pulling me in close. “Did I ever tell you how much I love you? When I moved to Dublin, I never in a million years thought I would have my best friend move here too! God, isn’t Dublin the best?” I was pretty sure this was a rhetorical question, but nonetheless, opened my mouth to shout her an answer, surely to be lost among the catchy Irish music enticing the tourists in from the cool evening to blow their Euros on the promise of finding a piece of Ireland in every sip.
“I- “
She abruptly threw a hand over my mouth. “Oh My God! What is my stupid brother doing here?” She lurched off me in hot pursuit of said brother. I followed her, trying desperately to keep up with my tiny, sprite of a friend. Where she was what people described as “pixie like,” the same people would describe me as having Kardashian curves. Well, before Khloe got her revenge body anyway. I was of average height and curvy and had a tendency to bump into people in a crowd, whereas Keeva Murphy was so little, she could easily slip in and out of those same crowds.
I kept tabs on her short black hair, her head angrily popping up as it stalked towards her brother, who I couldn’t see. She had a few brothers and from what I knew, they all kinda looked the same. Tall, dark haired Irish goodness. They had all recently moved back to here so I wasn’t sure which one had the audacity to show up here in this free country where people could go where they wanted, when they wanted.
I made the tactical mistake of stopping and trying to squeeze through a particularly tightly packed group of college students, and by the time I exited on the other side, having been grabbed extensively, I had completely lost sight of her.
I spun in half circles trying in vain to find her and not topple over, but it was hopeless. It seemed the crowd was actually growing and thanks to that last drink, my ability to care to find her was slowly waning. I decided to make my way over to the bar and squeeze in for a lean and look around. I elbowed my way in between two guys who didn’t seem to be there together and stood sideways against the bar cursing my lack of height and flat shoe obsession, slammed down my empty and glass and ordered a nice, safe pint of beer.
I felt someone push up against my back and did my best to ignore it. A deep, American accented voice whispered behind my ear. “Buy you a drink?”
I didn’t bother to attempt to turn and give the guy an answer, just yelled over my shoulder. “Original.” I held up my hand without looking to show him I already had a full glass.
“You’re American.”
“Another testament to his brilliance. Yes, I’m American.”
“And also not like the other girls in here. Smart, sexy and a viper. I think I’m in love.”
I finally decided to give the poor guy a break and turned around and nearly embarrassed myself on the spot. I think my panties were insta soaked and my mouth could have caught more than flies it was hanging so far open.
Standing in front of me was a six foot three glimpse into heaven. Being height disadvantaged, I had a thing for guessing someone’s height. I seriously missed my carnie calling. He had broad shoulders, dark, curly hair and was dressed casually in slim fit jeans, a relaxed dress shirt and a sexy pair of Blundstone boots. His jaw held just enough stubble for me to imagine the feel of it, roughly scraping against my inner thigh.
I quickly put the brakes on. No one had ever gotten their face near said inner thigh. I was a charter member of the “No Thigh Gap” club. I didn’t even know why this man would even consider someone like me. He was the type of guy that I bet went for the sophisticated, gorgeous, tall and thin woman. Not the average, curvy, glasses wearing librarian.
“See something you like, sweetheart?”
I added cocky to the rundown of his attributes. “Riiight. Well, you got me to turn around, and now that you’ve opened your mouth once again, you’ve gotten me to leave.”
He smiled and I reconsidered my departure. He quite simply had a glorious smile. It enhanced his already hot as hell face. Made him seem charming, instead of cocky. Approachable instead of out of my league.
I froze, unsure of where to go next. “I thought you were leaving?” He raised an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side.
I stood a little taller and gave myself some credit. I was a librarian for goodness sakes. This goon here in front of me probably wouldn’t know a book if it hit him in the face and fell open. He had moronic playboy written all over him.
I felt a small something warming in my stomach as his clear blue eyes caught mine and held. My mind quickly deviated to the last time my lady bits had seen any action and I decided I might need a time machine to go back that far.
It could have been the beer and whiskey combo, it could have been the pulsing Temple Bar pub, or it could have simply been me taking advantage of a fortuitous waxing session earlier in the week, (I really had no idea what I thought I was preparing for) but suddenly my body gave just the tiniest hint of a lean into this stranger. The lean was extended by my now perky nipples, who had gone out on a limb and decided they needed to get a closer look.
He slowly raised a hand and I swore he was moving in to sweep my bangs aside and offer me a kiss. I should have known better. Guys like him don’t kiss girls like me. His hand went straight for my nose, where he proceeded to use his index finger to slowly push up my glasses. Yes, I rounded out the librarian stereotype with a pair of black glasses. Well, at least my hair wasn’t up in its usual messy bun.
He slowly dragged his finger, could a finger actually be that sexy, until he had silenced me and I was close to going crosseyed trying to follow him. How was it this guy made a total geek move like pushing glasses up on my nose seem so freaking hot? I seriously needed to stop drinking and get my sorry ass home. Where in the hell was Keeva?
“I like your glasses.”
I raised a single eyebrow, not sure how to answer that. “Pardon?”
He completely ignored me and kept talking, meeting my lean and pushing even closer. “I’ve always had this dirty librarian fantasy and those very glasses you’re wearing usually have the starring role.”
I was beginning to figure out why all of my girlfriend’s I.Q.s dropped when they went out to the bar. I wasn’t familiar with this feeling. I think it was called, turned on and couldn’t care less what he was sayingitis. Something about this guy was so alluring. It felt like an accident that you knew you shouldn’t stare at, but you just couldn’t help yourself. But it was the in the light of day I was afraid of. This guy was all that and slice of toast in the dark lighting of the pub, but what kind of substance would he have in the daylight?
“I’m a librarian.” It was official. I had the mental capacity of an eight-year-old again and simple sentences were my maximum vocabulary limit.
He smiled and it all became clear to me. I knew I was going to finish the night up wrapped around this guy no matter how hard straight laced Gray Fairfield tried to pull tipsy and sex starved Gray Fairfield back from the edge.
His smile turned into something I couldn’t describe. It was all heat and desire and sex. Lots and lots of sex.  
“Jesus Christ. We need to get out of here.” In a flash, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his wake as he quickly, and forcefully navigated the writhing mass of people in various states of inebriation. I nearly stumbled a few times, but his responding and protective tug kept me moving forward.
He appeared to be headed for the exit, which kind of freaked me out. I didn’t do hookups. Not in my wheelhouse. I tried to put the brakes on, but it seemed he wasn’t having it.
“Hey! Hey!” I let my voice escalate so maybe someone would take notice of me being pulled out the door against my will. The lot of them could go to hell. No one paid any attention and a few were even cheering my mystery man on.
He carved a clear path through the mix of middle aged tourists and wasted partiers and pushed out the door, into the cool Dublin night. “Hey! I wasn’t ready to leave. I don’t even know your name.” No reply but he was slowing. Oh God. He was turning down a dark alleyway. This was it. I had only just moved here, I was too young to die. What was I thinking talking to a stranger? Bad Gray. Bad, bad Gray.
“Hey, I’m gonna scream. You can’t just hijack someone against their will, you know. It’s against- “
He turned down the alley and promptly pushed me up against the wall and held me there with his lean, hard body. “My name’s Aiden.” And then he kissed me.

Holly Mortimer is a wife and mother of two daughters, residing in Stratford, ON. She started writing in high school in an Ancient Egyptian History class, penning her first piece on Cleopatra and her many loves. Her teacher immediately asked her if she had any interest in writing soap operas when she graduated and the rest is history.

She has just completed her second novel, Ignite and is currently working the third book in this series.She loves reading, watching movies and playing with her kids, dog and family, when she’s not daydreaming about her current book obsession.


Blog tour: I Like Big Dragons and I Cannot Lie by @LaniLynnVale #paranormalromance #dragonromance

Title: I Like Big Dragons and I Cannot Lie
Series: The Dragon Series #1
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Available Now

Keifer Vassago, The Prince of Dragons, has enough on his plate without adding a brunette with a bad attitude to the mix

Fate has a way of screwing all his plans, though, whether he wants them screwed or not. One second he’s fetching his brother from yet another situation that could possibly compromise the Vassago name, and the next that brunette is grabbing his assets.

Blythe isn’t after anyone’s assets, though. She’s a good girl. All she wants is to graduate from nursing school, get a job, and move out of her hell hole apartment. What she does not have time to deal with is a sexy bearded man that accuses her of grabbing his junk.

She tries to forget about the encounter, but fate’s a cruel bitch.

One second she’s a normal college student barely living paycheck to paycheck, and the next she’s setting her panties on fire with powers from an ancient immortal dragon.

To add insult to injury, she’s hearing voices, and none of them are figments of her imagination. Blythe’s life is turned upside down, and Keifer forces her to adapt even though she doesn’t want to. She likes her life just the way it is.

Not to mention she wants nothing to do with that arrogant asshole. She doesn’t care that he rides a dragon. She also could care less about his stupid beard, and his sexy eyes.

Yeah, who was she kidding? She wasn’t convincing anybody.

“Oh my heavens to Betsey, I was given an opportunity to have a sneak peek at this bad boy from Lani Lynn Vale. First, I love that Lani’s style of writing that balances family, feels, and loyalty with lots of life follows through into this series.”Author Chelsea Cameron

“’I Like Dragons and I Cannot Lie’ is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best PNR I have EVER read!!!”Gi’s Spot Reviews

“On a closing note Lani Lynn Vale did it again with another amazing book…” Goodreads Reviewer


I woke up to my lower half on fire.


At first, I thought it was just an aftereffect of my dreams, but when I finally peeled my eyes open, I could smell smoke.



When I opened my lids and looked down, it was to literally find my panties on fire.



I screamed and rolled; rolling so far in the bed that I hit the floor and kept going.



By the time the fire was finally out, my panties were burned to ash. However, my skin was perfectly fine. In fact, the hairs that I’d planned on having waxed later in the week were gone.



It’d given me a fire waxing…minus the wax.



“What the f***?” I yelled, staring down at my now hair-free mound.






My eyes widened and I looked around. Was someone in the room with me?



I started reaching for the lamp but couldn’t find it. There was a pile of things beside the bed that I’d knocked over in my haste to get up. I could only assume that the lamp was one of those things.



“Light, light, light,” I chanted, shifting through the things on the floor.



My candles that I had interspersed around the room all lit at once, and I screamed.



“What the hell is going on?” I shrieked.



Macy started hammering on the wall, or her boyfriend. Whatever. F*** her.



I narrowed my eyes at the wall.



That stupid heifer! I’m allowed to scream if I want to. She f*** day and night, and she’s going to bang on my wall to get me to quiet down?



Master Farrow has always had excellent stamina with the ladies.



I froze, turning around and scanning the room.



“Who’s there?” I asked nervously.



A deep, rumbly laugh filled my head and my eyes widened.



“Holy mother of God, get out of my head!” I yelled.



The voice in my head continued to chuckle. Oh, this is almost as good as when Prince Keifer came into his powers. He didn’t shriek like you do, though.

I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 5, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.