Art Portfolio

In addition to sharing my reviews, here is some of my art

Painting is a hobby for me. I have been encouraged to share my art and decided to dedicate a page on my website to do that.

My preferred mediums are acrylics and watercolors. I like what I call “tiny refrigerator art”. These are small painting that you can share as a card or put on your fridge door to brighten your day!

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any available artwork .

Love in A Bleak World , mixed media
Various Decorative Bookmarks, acrylics
Flower, watercolor
Flower, acrylics
Dream Tree, acrylics
Cloudy Sunset, acrylics
Immense Night Sky , acrylics
The Flowers, watercolor
Dream Tree II, acrylics
Sunset , acrylics
Spring Flower, watercolor + pen
Abstract Flowers in blue, watercolor
Lost at Sea, watercolor
Mountains in the Morning , watercolor

Appalachia at Sunrise, acrylics
Spring Rose, acrylics
The Cardinal , acrylics
Beach Vibes, acrylics