I don’t recommend rebound romances in real life

The Rebound Guy (Harlequin Kiss) ♥♥♥

The premise of this story is that a cancer survivor whose ex-husband was a philanderer falls for a guy who is a known player. Kelly is not looking for a relationship because she knows how much she can be hurt. Jason is of the opinion that life is a game. Or at least that is the way it seems from the way he treats his women. While she is trying to protect herself from his charms, he is struggling not to flirt openly with her.

Despite all that she has went through by surviving cancer and getting over the fact that her first husband left her in her moment of need, she still tries to remain positive. And this is part of the reason she entertains a possible fling because her well-intentioned sister-in-law wants her to have a little fun.  But this does not mean that she’s going to leave herself open for another man to break her heart. Jason has to convince Kelly that he is worthy of the risk. Because of the seeming similarities between him and her ex-husband, she had every right to be cautious. I was glad she was suspicious of him from the beginning.

For part of the book, Jason had several affairs with nameless women while he casually flirted with her as they worked together. That did little to engender me to his character. Why should love come easy for him? He always had been love-them-and-leave-them. Now that he wants a relationship, everything is supposed to fall into place? I do not think so.

Overall, it was an okay story. For most of the book I did not like Jason too much. I am not used to reading book in which the hero is sleeping around in the time he is talking to his love interest. I have a weird morality that guides what is acceptable behavior for romance novel heroes and heroines. For me, his behavior: NOT ACCEPTABLE. In contrast, I thought that Kelly deserved happiness in her life. I was rooting for her happy ending since she had a hard life with more than her fair share of heartbreak.

I recommend The Rebound Guy (Harlequin Kiss) if you are looking for something to read during a relaxing afternoon or vacation. The book can be finished in a couple of hours.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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