Patricia Wexler face serum

I bought this from Bath&Body years ago. When I ran out, I did not buy it again because of the high price tag. I thought I could achieve the same results with less expensive products. I did okay of a while.
However, I always remembered that I was constantly receiving compliments about how smooth my skin looked.

I am African-American and have very sensitive skin and had an allergic reaction rash on my face a couple years ago that left my skin uneven. My pores seemed to be too open and not smooth as it once was.

Everything that I tried these last few years was not working. I decided to bite the bullet and buy the serum again.

After a few weeks of using it every night (using twice a day was too strong), I can see that my skin is regaining its glow and looking smoother.
I did find that I have to make sure that I use sunscreen or else my skin gets a little red on  my cheeks.

Overall, I am so glad that I bought Patricia Wexler M.D. Skin Regenerating Serum, 3.4 oz.. It only takes a small amount on the tip of my index finger to cover my whole face. The 3.4 oz will probably last about a year or so. That means it really is only costing pennies a day.


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