Top Ten Blogging Confessions

This is not a review but a blog entry extra–

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by the authors of The Broke and the Bookish.I found out about it from Heena Rathore after I visited (and promptly followed) her blog.

Top ten blogging confessions

  1. I am an eternal optimist. Even if a book is terrible, I have to finish it. I am hoping that everything will work out in the end. Many times I am disappointed, annoyed, and aggravated that I wasted my time, but that does not stop me from repeating the same behavior.
  2. I will ignore phone calls when reading a good book. I cannot talk on the phone. I’m READING!
  3. I have to read an entire book in one setting. Even when it is late and I want to go to sleep, I cannot sleep unless I finish the book. I have tried to sleep but the characters are in my head urging me to finish their story. This is why I have to gauge which book I can read by what time of night it is. If I get started around 5:30, then I can read 400 pages easily before bedtime. 9:00? I have to find 200 page-book. 10:00? Looking for a novella. For anything  more than 400 pages, that is my Saturday afternoon & evening.
  4. I hate book series when I am not forewarned ahead of time. Books that end (as in no more pages) like the end of a chapter (i.e. extreme cliffhanger) are my biggest pet peeve with writers these days. It makes me so irrationally angry that I feel like how Bruce Banner must feel as he turns into the Hulk
    (I realize he is an imaginary character but still, I believe you understand my point).
  5. I am extremely stingy with 5 heart/star reviews. I feel it is my duty and responsibility to balance out the “Oh my God, that book was awesome” reviews when in reality the storyline was mediocre at best.
  6. I am not a romantic. It may seem that I should be with the amount of romance novels that I read.
    I still have not figured that one out. 
  7. I am a Kindle book hoarder. I wish I had a dollar for every time I tried to buy a book on Amazon and received the message that I have already purchased the book. My response is “Really? I need to find it in my library and read it. That synopsis was as interesting now as it was a year ago when I bought it the first time!”
  8. I can go days without turning on the TV, but my Kindle battery has to be charged at least every other day.
  9. Amanda Quick is my all-time favorite romance novel author. I love her!!!!
  10. I like finding obscure authors that create stories that blow me away. If someone suggests a book on the NY Times best seller’s list, I am less likely to read it. I try to support indie writers and self-published authors. Of course this means that I have to read a lot of junk (editing should not be considered overrated) and trashy books (I’m learning to discern how “trashy” a book can be from key words in the synopsis) to find that one gem. In the end, it is TOTALLY worth it.

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