Allegiant air – love or hate your discount airline

Discount airlines: we love to hate them

We love their low prices, but there are little things that add up and make me ask myself “is it worth it?”

With Allegiant Air there are some PROS

  • fly out of my preferred airport
  • nonstop flight
  • cheap flight tickets are usually between hundred and $150-$200
  • discounts if I pay with a debit card

Now for the CONS 

  • I have to pay for carry-on. If I prepay it is $10 per flight leg. At the airport it is $50 per flight leg. To save money, Nana and I paid for one checked bag instead.
  • Wheelchair service for handicap passengers is extremely poor. If you need wheelchair assistance, do not travel alone you will have lengthy wait times to board, get off the plane, and most importantly getting to the gate. This is because a short staffing. The person at the check-in counter is also probably the person loading the baggage on the plane and pushing the wheelchairs.
  • On plane beverages cost two dollars – juice, water, soda. The plus is that you get the whole can.
  • I have to pay for a seat assignment. If I was traveling solo this would not be a problem. Since my Nana was traveling with me, we had to pay for seats I did not want us to be split up on the plane. She is 91 years old. While she has a great deal of mobility, she still needs some assistance while traveling because she is legally blind.

I examine all the pros and cons and add up all the fees to compare with the other airlines Delta, United, US Air to see if the hassle is really worth it. Lately I’ve been putting up with the aggravation in exchange for the low ticket price. But this does not mean that I have to like it.

And if someone from Allegiant Air management is reading this, you have a ridiculous commercial. It is really annoying.



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