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Dare to Love #contemporary #romance @carlyphillips #daretolove

Dare to Love


Ian Dare is at his father’s birthday party when he meets Riley. The attraction is instant but he thinks she is dating his half-brother Alex and therefore is off-limits. Once it’s established that they are just friends, Ian makes his move. But as they get closer, it is evident that Riley’s emotional baggage could threaten the relationship permanently.


This is the first story of the Miami Dare family series. I read book 6 in the series Dare to Take, and I was hooked on the series. Carly Phillips did not disappoint with this book either.

Ian is a hot, hunky dominant male who makes it clear what he wants. At the same time, he has a soft protective side. Who doesn’t like that in a man?

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I like Riley because she was strong and loyal to her friends. Well she may not have always made the right choices, she tried to do what she thought was best.

Both Ian and Riley have their own insecurities and hangups because of their backgrounds, but they were at least open to evolving to make the relationship work.

“You make me want”, she whispered, “you make me believe.”

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TOW final word: BUY, BORROW, PASS
Buy! This is the first of the series and I recommend buying it because it is one of those romances that you will want to read over and over.

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Series: Dare to Love book 1
Print Length: 292 pages
Publisher: CP Publishing (January 10, 2014)
Publication Date: January 10, 2014
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


Dare to Take #carlyphillips #daretolove #romance

Thanks Carly Phillips for providing an ARC for me to read in exchange for my honest review.

Dare to Take (Dare to Love Book 6)



Tyler Dare and Ella had a one night stand years ago. Both decided to keep it a secret for a few reasons: (1) Ella was mortified (2) Tyler seemed to regret it and (3) Ella and Tyler’s sisters have been BFFs since childhood.

Fast forward to the present day: Ella is mugged and Tyler is sent to help her get home.

Years of tension and longing bring them together, but will their secrets keep them from committing fully?


This was my first book by Carly Phillips. It will not be my last. I loved everything about this book. This is an engaging story about two emotionally damaged people trying to work through their own internal conflict in order to be better people for their loved ones. They realize that chemistry like theirs cannot be ignored.

Both have different types of daddy issues that have shaped how they view life in general. Tyler’s dad had a second family while still married to Tyler’s mom. Ella’s dad was a raging alcoholic before killing someone in a car accident.

On the surface this seems like the classic alpha-male-protector trope. The plot has a situation that forces them together, their resulting actions do not seem contrived. The complexities of their emotional situations brought the story to life so much that I loved reading it. I know this is fiction and the author wrote the story that way, but it seemed like stuff that could really happen.

I loved Tyler for his strength but at the same time my heart went out to him because of his vulnerability.

Ella took a little longer to grow on me. However, considering what she went through, I respected her determination.

Should you buy? Yes! The characters (main and secondary) are all great. The plot was realistic and interesting. This was book 6 in the Dare to Love series. I enjoyed this book so much that I am going to go back and read the rest of the series. This book can be enjoyed as a standalone story but after you read it, you will want to read everyone else’s story too.


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File Size: 2078 KB
Print Length: 175 pages
Publisher: CP Publishing (May 3, 2016)
Publication Date: May 3, 2016
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Series: Dare to Love