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Summer Storm #MCromance #bookreview

Summer Storm: A Satan’s Fury MC Novella


Guardrail is part of a motorcycle club. When a guy steals from the club, he is responsible for tracking him down.

Allie is the sister of the man they are looking to find.

Guardrail should not want to get into a relationship with Allie since he is looking for her brother, but there is something about her that makes him want stake a claim.


I read this book because it was part of a compilation that I bought on Amazon. I am not into the whole motorcycle club scene because they usually are involved in illegal activities (e.g. Sons of Anarchy). The few books I have read in the past, it was from the viewpoint of an undercover officer infiltrating the “club” to put a stop to whatever drug/sex trafficking they were doing.

This motorcycle club was doing all the things that were against the law; but to hear them rationalize it, they were maintaining order in the community. “Maintaining order” is best described as eliminating threats in a manner in which others will think twice before circumventing the established chain of command.

This was the first book that I have read where the main focus was on a MC member starting a relationship with his “old lady”. I’m not a staunch feminist, but really? And he only will give her information on a need-to-know basis. Why so many secrets?

It was hard for me to get involved in the romance because I kept wondering if Allie wanted to break up him later, would she have to go into protective custody? She is essentially becoming part of a gang. One does not just leave the gang. Forget the explosive chemistry. Her life could be at stake. Maybe all motorcycle clubs are not into nefarious dealings, but in this story there is a whole lot of shady going on. And when the law enforcement eventually shuts it all down, the “old ladies” are getting arrested too.

This review has been derailed by my overactive imagination.

Should you buy? If you like stories about motorcycle club heroes, you might like this. If you rather your hero be law abiding, then this is not for you.

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