First of all, I have to say that SuckerPunch is a very interesting movie. It is a series of dream sequences within dreams because the real world is too unbearable to face. Through these dreams, one of the five girls finds the strength to cope with her situation and fight.

The main character Babydoll is placed in a mental institution by her stepfather. It is implied that he cause her mother’s death. After reading the will, the mother bequeaths everything to her daughters. In a drunken rage, he goes after Babydoll but decides to do evil things to her younger sister instead. Again, all of this is implied by his facial expressions. In a freak accident, she kills her sister while trying to save her. As a result, she ends up in a mental institution. Her stepfather has paid an orderly to schedule a lobotomy The rest of the story deals with her will to fight.

And this is where people might start to get confused. The scene changes from the mental institution and Babydoll is a dancer for shady club. Here is where you are introduced to the other girls. And while in that dream world, she is goes into another dream world that is more action packed. She, with her teammates, have to complete challenges that will result in their freedom.

I know guys will probably choose this movie because of the scantily dressed girls and all the action. More than that, it is ultimately a smart movie, meaning you need to listen to the dialogue to understand how everything ties together. Otherwise, it is a incongruous story line that jumps from scene to scene until an unsatisfying end.

If you want to buy the movie, click here. I recommend it.


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