Kickers – Greenwood SC

This is a small restaurant that is known in Greenwood SC for big flavors. There are a lot quirky flavor combinations that look questionable on paper but are delicious in execution. I call them gourmet burgers with international flavor.
My favorite flavor combination is the Caribbean turkey burger which pairs jerk seasoning and pineapple in the ground turkey meat. The burger is moist, savory from the spices, but with a hint of sweetness from the pineapple.
They also serve a pimiento cheeseburger that is DELICIOUS and full of cheese goodness!!!
Various sides include but are not limited to pasta salad or fries. If you do order the onion rings, prepare to share since it is too much for most people.
Each day, they serve different types of soup. The sweet potato soup is very good. The gumbo is a little spicy but delicious. You can always ask for a sample before deciding which one is best. Whether it is a sample, cup or bowl of soup, be careful because the soup temperature will be HOT and could burn your tongue if you eat it too fast.
Kickers is mainly open for lunch. Come early (11.30am) or late (after 1pm) if you do not want to wait for a seat. Since the location is small, it does not take many people to fill up the place.
The service is good. The wait staff was attentive and kept my drink glass full while I was waiting for my food.
Prepare to spend about $10 on lunch. Before you balk at the price, know that it is worth it.


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