Hotel Fiesole

There is a little hotel and restaurant in Skippack, PA called Hotel Fiesole. I went there a few times for catered company dinners.
Happy hour started with an assortment of cheeses (Parmesan, Blue, Brie), cream crackers, honey, walnuts, raisins, dates, and apricots, flatbread
with hummus, chips and guacamole, and meatballs. I could not stay away from the Parmesan/honey/crackers. Such a tasty combination! The bar
served beer, wine, and basic liquor drinks (e.g. rum and coke, amaretto sour, gin and juice, gin and tonic, margarita, martini). I asked for pina colada but unfortunately they could not make because they did not have a blender >>imagine my sad face<<. I ended up ordering amaretto

sour and then margarita on the rocks.
When we were called to the dining room, the main course was served buffet style: beef in puff pastry, Parmesan encrusted salmon, green beans with walnuts, mashed potatoes. The food tasted good, but it was not food that I would have preferred if I had ordered my own meal. The quality of the food and the preparation should be applauded though.
My favorite part of the meal was dessert. They had strawberry crunch, mini fruit tarts with vanilla cream filling, chocolate covered strawberries, and brownies with walnuts. The crusts for the mini fruit tarts were thick, buttery, and flakey. The vanilla filling was creamy and the fruit on top was sweet. When I requested hot tea to drink, I like that they brought a small tea pot with hot water and a selection of Mighty Leaf teas.

Overall: The whole experience was classy and the restaurant was what I would call "quaint".


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