Xbox with Kinect

I only bought my Xbox because of the Kinect. I was intrigued by the next level of advancement of motion sensor gaming. In contrast to the Wii, with the Kinect there are no batteries are needed because your body is the controller. I was able to buy Xbox 4GB console and Kinect on sale for around $250. There are several memory options of the Xbox console, but if you are not a real serious gamer like me, the 4GB is fine. However if, you want to play games like Halo, Call of Duty, or Far Cry, you might be better off splurging for the 250GB console (which is going to be about $100 more expensive). If you don’t, you might end up running out of memory and have to buying the larger memory console later. Save yourself the time and money and buy what you need the first time around.

When using the Kinect, you need a lot of room. A good playing area is about 6-8 feet away from the sensor. They recommend at least 10 feet if there are 2 players. I play in an area less than 6 feet, so my head is a little cut off on the projection image. This means that on some games I am lose points because the sensor does not full recognize my movements. But for the most part, the sensor does a pretty good job of knowing where I am and what movements I am trying to make.

If you buy the Kinect new, you will probably have the Kinect Adventures game to come with it. Since the Kinect is fairly new, most of the Kinect games are going to be the most expensive. From what I have seen, the average prices start at about $40. Most of the games that I want are $50, so I am waiting for sales and specials. During the Christmas holidays, there were Amazon specials and I was able to get Dance Central 2 for $30 (regular price $50) and The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout for $20 (regular price $40).

I can rent games from Blockbuster, but since the Kinect games are newer, it cost $2-3 a day unless I buy the gaming subscription. I have Blockbuster Online which allows me to put games in my queue. As of yet, I have not received any games because there is a long wait for all the Kinect games.

Overall, I love my Xbox with Kinect. It is worth the money spent. I am able to exercise without feeling like I am doing a workout. So far, I have lost 5 pounds. I am motivated to keep on playing my games and burning off the pounds.


One thought on “Xbox with Kinect

  1. Great review, I love how you just get straight to the point. I also have a Xbox kinetic and it is alot of fun, I got it to start with for my son and very quickly learned that I could get something out of it to.


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