Omega Pancake House – Myrtle Beach

Going to Myrtle Beach means eventually ending up at one of the many pancake houses. Unfortunately for us, we went to Omega Pancake House on Kings Hwy near the Convention Center. The fact that there were only 4 cars in the parking lot should have been a clue that we should have went elsewhere. But it was 1:00 in the afternoon. I was thinking that we arrived after the brunch/lunch time rush.

In any case, we entered a nearly empty restaurant.

I ordered French toast, bacon, and 2 fried eggs. Dave ordered chicken sandwich and fries. I did not take a picture of our food because it was kind of sad. Scratch that. It was very sad. I only took a picture of the sign on the outside after I left because I realized that I need to tell people about the disappointment they should expect if they decide to dine at this restaurant.

1. The French toast was Texas toast that has not been fully coated in the egg mixture. It was more fried Texas toast than French toast.

2. The eggs were supposed to be fried hard, but had a very liquid center. I don’t like liquid center.

3. The chicken sandwich was inedible because the chicken was so tough. Dave tried to cut the chicken with a steak knife with little success.

The service at the restaurant was okay and our server was friendly enough. We did not send our food back because we were doubtful the cook would be able to bring us something better. I felt like we were on an episode of Restaurant Impossible BEFORE celebrity chef Robert Irvine shows up. I wanted to go Hell’s Kitchen on the cook and yell “What the #$%* is this mess you are trying to pass off as lunch?” But I did not feel like getting arrested.

I realized the best word to summarize the food was MEDIOCRE

Overall, unless they appear on Restaurant Impossible for a total makeover or have a change in management, I doubt the food will improve. Better to go to IHOP than this pancake house (and that is saying something because I don’t like to recommend chain restaurants).


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