Villa Alena Moscato D’Asti

I am not a wine connoisseur so I can’t explain to why my taste buds like this sparkling wine so much.
But trust me when I say it is DELICIOUS and bubbly. And it is cheap because it is sold at Trader Joe’s . I bought it because I was having a party and was going to mix it in the punch.
I always thought that cheap wine was supposed to taste like rot gut, but this is smooth and full of flavor. Once I tasted it, I decided this wine should be served on its own in glasses. There was no wine punch. Just plain punch and Villa Alena Moscato D’Asti.

I am going to buy some more so that I can enjoy the whole bottle myself.
Served Villa Alena Moscato D’Asti chilled with a plate of strawberries is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

If you are interested, at there are steps to becoming a wine connoisseur.

Steps (with my comments in parenthesis showing why I probably will never be a wine connoisseur)
1 Get information from the experts (I know I am supposed to trust the experts, but what if their taste buds like different flavors than mine?)

2Go to a wine shop and ask the staff for recommendations. Look for bottles of wine with write-ups near them, award citations and high magazine ratings. (Once again, I know I am supposed to trust their recommendations, but what if their taste buds like different flavors than mine?)

3Attend a local wine tasting or a wine appreciation class. (I have attended a local wine tasting before. My impression was, "Eh, no real standouts." But other people were, "OMG, this is awesome." I felt like missed something everyone else got. Are my standards too high that nothing met it OR are they too low and not even registering what they are supposed to? A serious conundrum.)

4Join a wine group. (Many times these groups are filled with pretentious people who usually get on my nerves)

5Visit a winery. You’ll learn how wine is made, see how the grapes are grown and be taught the proper procedure for drinking wine.(Did this in Napa. The "proper procedure" for drinking wine does not suit me. I feel like some of the flavors I am supposed to be noticing are being lost. Possibly my taste buds are not refined enough.)

6Buy wines that match the taste of the food you’re serving. (Did this before but cannot really tell what I am supposed to get out of that)

7Don’t just stick to traditional reds and whites. Try sparkling wines, ice wines and dessert wines as well. (I do try this. I like moscato, reisling, and sparkling wine. I need to find an ice wine to try.)

8Learn about different grape varieties. (Good idea, but I don’t have a good memory)

9Subscribe to online wine newsletters. (I might do this)

10Look for a wine school in your area. (I live in the country so there are no wine schools in area)

11Have an informal tasting either at a friend’s house. (This is a good idea that I plan to try one day. Don’t see how this will help me become a wine connoisseur, but seems like fun)

12Make wine inexpensively at home. (This could happen. Hubby planted several grapevines that look to produce in the coming years.)


13 thoughts on “Villa Alena Moscato D’Asti

  1. I enjoy a bottle of good red wine now and again. You have inspired me to pick up a bottle next time I’m out. A little over twenty bucks a works fine for me. I seriously doubt I would like a hundred dollar bottle more. I have no desire to be a connoisseur. It sounds like so much work. Going to classes, lectures. But it seems like a nice hobby-also noticed your #4 comment.


    • Glad I could be of some inspiration. I have been so surprised how many decent tasting wines I have been able to find at Aldi and Trader Joes for cheap. Especially since it seems that I have always heard that if you don’t pay some obscene price for the bottle, it probably is not going to be any good. I am like you. After finding some bottles under $20 that were good, I don’t see how I could ever pay big money per bottle. I am doubtful that I will be able to detect the subtle hints that a more discerning palette might be able to detect.


  2. I’m one of those that likes candy wines, hates a dry wine and loves to use a white wine in cooking. That’s about the extent of my wine use and knowledge. I’ve drank some very good tasting cheap wines and some nasty tasting expensive stuff as well as good. When the good was good, you can taste the difference. It is smooth, soft, silken, delicious. I think whatever tastes good to you is all good. I read this before, but looked at it again today and posted it on facebook. I thought there might be a few lushes, oops, I mean, wine connoisseurs on my page.


  3. I was surprised that Trader Joes has some good and inexpensive wines. I have been there but didn’t know that. I typically like white or blush wines. I will have to look into Moscato D’Asti. I like drinking wine with fruit or cheese as well. Thanks for the post and the suggestions.


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  5. Is this a sweet wine?
    I’ve found some very drinkable wines at Trader Joe’s and also some very ‘interesting’ wines. Since my idea of a ‘luxury’ wine costs maybe 9.99, I won’t be trying any of the cork sniffing varieties. I remember when I was at the Santa Barbara winery, the person behind the counter urged me to taste their most expensive: Aged in carefully prepared oak barrels. It tasted like a dirty ashtray smells. Apparently the preparation included burning the interior of the barrel. I told him how it tasted…he was horrified. Even though I did buy a case of red table wine. Good…and cheap


  6. Hi, everybody! Would you please please tell me how and where to buy or to order a case of 12 bottles of VillaAliena ( Low Alcohol Grape Wine)? On-line shopping? In supermarket? I am Chinese and now live in Laguna Woods, California 92637, U.S.A. Thanks!——–Jim


  7. You are so right! I do not drink because I can never get past the smell, taste or aftertaste, but at Thanksgiving this year, my cousins insisted that I try this wine and I was thrilled! Something that I can actually enjoy!


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