The Kill is so fast paced

The Kill– Jonas Saul


Note: there is a lot of killing (including torture) in this book

In the prologue, Darwin accidentally hit and killed a guy with his car. Unbeknownst to him, the guy he killed was a top Mafia boss’ son from the Fuccini family. Because of that freak accident, there is a contract to kill Darwin. While in Rome on his honeymoon with his wife Rosina, the attacks begin.

Any normal person would be dead. End of story.

On the other hand, Darwin goes into a maniac killing rage when confronted with pointy sharp objects (due to childhood trauma).

Cue the killing.

The Fuccini family is losing their best guys to this unassuming, seemingly ordinary guy. Every attempt on his life has failed and ended badly for the would-be assassin. Darwin realizes that he has to face these people wanting to kill him if he ever wants a chance at a normal life with Rosina. That fact is cemented when Fuccini’s people kidnap Rosina. It is Darwin vs. The Mafia and somehow Darwin has to find a way to do what he can to come out victorious.

There were some torture scenes that got graphic.

The Kill kept me on edge the whole book. Every impossible situation had me holding my breath wondering how Darwin would get out alive. I think it would make an entertaining movie. It is an action packed thriller, not for the faint of heart.


2 thoughts on “The Kill is so fast paced

    • I almost did not buy this book. I am not usually the type that reads thrillers. I am more of a romance novel type of girl. Darwin was the type of character that drew me in because he was on the surface so ordinary but when he freaked out chaos ensued. I understand that this type of book is not for everyone because of the graphic content. I did not know what to expect while I was reading the book and when I finished, looking back over it I realized “wow there was a lot of violence”.


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