Useful App for my iPhone

Waze is my favorite GPS app of all time. I learned about it at a Geek Lunch meeting. Yea we sit around and talk about all things nerdy, sharing favorite apps and stuff. But I digress.
I rated Waze in the Apple Store but I really felt like sharing my love for the app on my blog.

Reasons why I like Waze
1) Helps me to get to my destination and the ETA is really accurate – with Waze, I am never lost and it does not take me through the ghetto to get to my destination unlike my TOM-TOM!! It is as if Tom-tom is trying to help me get carjacked sometimes.

2) Other Wazers help navigate traffic (notifications of hiding cops, backed up traffic, road construction, etc) – knowing where the po-po are hiding behind bushes is helpful so I don’t get a speeding ticket. Not that I speed…that much

3) It is a really cute interface – I am sucker for graphic design and soft rounded edges (does not take much to make me happy)
4) It was free

Negatives of using Waze
1) It uses a lot of battery power for long trips

My positives outweigh the negatives. I thought I needed to have one negative to show people that I have an unbiased opinion of this application for my iPhone.


2 thoughts on “Useful App for my iPhone

  1. The fact that it uses a lot of battery power, I don’t consider a negative. It’s more a ‘need to know’ so you can recharge it. Way back when, all a lady needed when she headed out was a lace handkerchief. Now, it’s a phone, car charger, purse, and don’t forget the keys.


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