Rainbow Drive-in Honolulu, Hawaii

Our first stop in Hawaii was to get something to eat. I already checked to see what Guy Fieri triple D restaurant was between the airport and our hotel: Rainbow Drive In.

I told hubby that was where we were going. He was understandably hesitant because he knew that the quality of triple D restaurant were sometimes hit or miss. We have had awesome experiences and then there have been mediocre ones.

When we arrived, I was excited. I do not let hubby’s lack of enthusiasm affect me. And the crowds of people there bolstered my confidence that this was a good place to eat. I ordered the mahi-mahi plate with fries and coleslaw. Hubby ordered a hamburger.

The best part of the meal was the anticipation. It did not live up to the hype. In the picture is my food. The mahi-mahi was tough like it was overcooked. I think maybe they fried it and had it sitting under heat lamps (I do not know, just guessing). The coleslaw was good. It had a nice vinegary, light peppery taste. The fries were okay-nothing outstanding or special about them. Hubby’s hamburger was one sorry little sad piece of meat between two pieces of bread slathered with their special sauce. To me, it looked like one of those 59 cent burgers from McDonalds.

Hubby said that he was picking the next restaurant meal. Justifiably so. I did not even argue. I felt like I wasted my pick because I bought into what Guy Fieri was selling.

Overall, if you are in Hawaii, do not fall for the hype. The food is average, not spectacular.


3 thoughts on “Rainbow Drive-in Honolulu, Hawaii

  1. Used to eat at Rainbow’s all the time after surfing. It is definitely not gourmet or spectacular, but special because it is local. You might want to try the chili plate next time. In all the years, I’ve been going to Rainbow’s, I never ordered the hamburger. Rainbows is known for “plate lunches.”
    Usually, the mahi-mahi plate is pretty good. Sorry, you had a bad experience.
    Maybe try the chicken cutlet at Grace’s. {{{hugs}}} kozo


    • Ahh that is what was missing. We should have went surfing first. Maybe next time in Hawaii we will go to Grace’s. Sounds yummy.

      I have another review I need to write about a different restaurant that serves super poke (tuna & shrimp). I still have dreams about that one (I cant remember the name right off) and something called pastele fries. Mouth watering deliciousness.

      My reviews are piling up because I am trying to space them out. I don’t want to flood my blog with too many posts at one time.


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