I even like the perfume Romance

Disclaimer: This is not much of a review, but I wanted to share.

I thought it was funny that I like romance novels so much and one of my favorite perfumes is called Romance.

L-O-V-E this perfume. For me, the scent is light but long lasting. Because of that, I think it is mostly for daytime wear, especially in the spring and summer time. I spritz myself in the morning, and the scent lingers on me for most of the day.

I am a firm believer in aromatherapy and the effect that different scents can have on your moods. When I smell this fragrance, I feel energetic, happy, pretty. It is not as if I do not feel those same emotions at other times, but smelling this perfume seems to spark something within me that makes me stand a little taller, walk with more purpose, and stride across the room in my 4-inch heels.

I have never had a problem with scents like some of my friends with fragrance allergies, so I do not know if Romance is light enough for people who cannot take strong smells. But in comparison to other perfumes, it does not seem heavy to me. It is definitely not an “old lady” smelling perfume.

If you are looking for a new fragrance for the springtime, check out Ralph Lauren Romance women fragrance by Ralph Lauren Eau De Parfum Spray 1 oz . There are so many different fragrances on the market, but a lot of them smell the same or they do not have lasting scents. With Romance, you get a pleasant, lasting, unique scent in my opinion.


One thought on “I even like the perfume Romance

  1. Quick blogs are nice. I still gave you 4 stars because it was well written and informative. I had not thought about wearing a cologne to go with my mood. That would be interesting for a book character.


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