Apple in a bag should be second choice

I went to Subway a while back and instead of getting Lays potato chips as my side, I decided to get Apple crisps. I like trying new things. Plus I am probably every marketer’s dream because I am a sucker for pretty packaging. I can admit this about myself and I tried not to let a product’s packaging way too heavily in my purchasing decision making.

While the packaging may catch my eye, I read the claims that are made and try to decide if the product is worth my purchase with that. The package said crunchy premium apple crisps. I like apples. I love crunchy apples but at times if the apple sits too long on the counter it will get soft. I thought this would be a good way to carry apples around with me without having to worry about the apples over ripening and getting too soft.

The good:
fat-free, not fried
100% natural – no added sugar- because apples are sweet enough only 45 calories for the whole bag!

The bad:
serving size was the equivalent of one apple -I should have had a fresh apple was not crunchy the texture of the Apple was chewy
it tasted tart – maybe a little sugar would have helped after they put the lemon juice to maintain apple’s color

Overall, the next time I will get a fresh apple instead.


2 thoughts on “Apple in a bag should be second choice

  1. I prefer the real thing as opposed to dried. Granted, most times the drying process increases the value of nutrients (dried apricots have more potassium than fresh), but the texture is my problem. A crisp juicy apple beats dried every time. Some things like apricots, I can eat either way and it’s not a problem.
    Yes, there is that convenience issue. I buy few apples so they don’t have a chance to go mushy.


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