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Apple in a bag should be second choice

I went to Subway a while back and instead of getting Lays potato chips as my side, I decided to get Apple crisps. I like trying new things. Plus I am probably every marketer’s dream because I am a sucker for pretty packaging. I can admit this about myself and I tried not to let a product’s packaging way too heavily in my purchasing decision making.

While the packaging may catch my eye, I read the claims that are made and try to decide if the product is worth my purchase with that. The package said crunchy premium apple crisps. I like apples. I love crunchy apples but at times if the apple sits too long on the counter it will get soft. I thought this would be a good way to carry apples around with me without having to worry about the apples over ripening and getting too soft.

The good:
fat-free, not fried
100% natural – no added sugar- because apples are sweet enough only 45 calories for the whole bag!

The bad:
serving size was the equivalent of one apple -I should have had a fresh apple was not crunchy the texture of the Apple was chewy
it tasted tart – maybe a little sugar would have helped after they put the lemon juice to maintain apple’s color

Overall, the next time I will get a fresh apple instead.