Redemption of Lord Rawlings

The Redemption of Lord Rawlings (House of Renwick) – ♥♥♥

Philip – Lord Rawlings – is a duke in need of money. When his father died, there was a stipulation in the will that he had to marry before turning 30 in order to receive his inheritance. Abigail (Abby) is the younger sister of Emma from the book Seduction of Sebastian. You have to read that book to understand the animosity on the part of Abby towards her sister.

Emma and Sebastian are hosting Abby for her season. Abby has set her sights on Phillip, but he is trying to dissuade her of that notice. He does not think he is good enough for her.

At the same time, Emma and Sebastian are trying to help Phillip get married. They feel indebted to him because he helped them get together. Among the ton, Phillip is known as a rake and reprobate. Polite society refuses to associate with him. Since Sebastian is known as the “Angel Duke” beyond reproach, Emma hopes their association can help change his image so that he can marry.

Abby did seem to be immature in the way she tried to manipulate the situation, but she had good intentions. Phillip thought he had nothing to live for, but was trying to fight giving the ton any other reasons to vilify him. Sebastian and Emma proved to be great supporting characters and the kind friends that Philip needs to help him come around. Once he accepts the fact that he is in love, it is easier to embrace Abby’s love for him.

Overall, I gave The Redemption of Lord Rawlings (House of Renwick) – 3 hearts because for part of the book, I was annoyed with Abby’s underhanded attempts to control people. That being said, this book is an entertaining read. The story can stand on its own, but to get the full impact of story’s nuances, you need to read The Seduction of Sebastian St. James (House of Renwick) first. It is a great follow up to the The Seduction of Sebastian St. James (House of Renwick). I do not often read books in a series (I feel that takes commitment). The main characters of that book were supporting characters that further the story. It was not just that they were related, they were an integral part of the story.

There is another book in the series that tells the story of Nicholas and Sara. I have not decided if I am going to go back and read that story yet. But most likely I probably will in time.


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