The Tycoon’s Convenient Wife

The Tycoon’s Convenient Wife – The Tycoon’s Convenient Wife ♥♥♥

Divorced Guy needs a wife to help him look like a family man while he is brokering a major business deal. Of course, he calls on Emily, his friend from university. Although she has been in love with him for 15 years, she initially was undecided about helping Guy in his situation. As she should be.

I like how Emily set boundaries for the relationship since she was trying to guard her heart. Guy seemed so adamant about never loving again. Emily made some snippy comments in a passive aggressive way when Guy was trying to convince her that a physical relationship would not hurt anything. Considering her emotional turmoil, I think she handled herself well.

The story is about Guy’s journey to figuring out that Emily had always been the woman for him. He took a 15 year emotional detour that armed his with enough baggage that helped him appreciate her even more. His cheating, but jealous ex-wife and two darling children also helped to add to the conflict of the story.

Overall The Tycoon’s Convenient Wife was a sweet story. The one thing that bugs me is that the story is this: Why is it that in these types of romances does the woman seem to put her romance life on hold since she cannot have the man she desires, but the man has relationships, gets married and has kids? But then he feels with some satisfaction that she held out for him. At least she was not a pushover to let Guy have is way because of her feelings for him. By the end though, I was okay with how everything turned out considering he was a basically a good man and great father who deserved to have a woman worthy of his trust and love.


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