Indian Moon

Indian Moon ♥♥

Quinton is a Native American man working for an environmental company that writes reports about the environmental effects of logging companies. The irony is that he accepts bribes from logging companies to ensure that he approves whatever they are doing. He gives creative spin of their actions to the EPA with little regard to the local flora and fauna. Regina is a wife of the logging company owner that Quinton is there to survey. Granted it is a very abusive relationship, but she is still married!

The only thing I hate worse than love triangles is a “romance” where one or both parties are married, especially when the person is cheating on their spouse. When I realized that Regina was going to be the love interest, I was curious how the book was going to end. I did not like the premise of the book, but I was still giving the author a chance to weave an interesting story.

Even though Regina was married, her husband was so abusive that she yearned for love and tenderness. I am not saying that I condone her method of obtaining it, but I can see how that situation could happen. Quinton was a man that has lost his way, his morals, and his character. Through his love for Regina, he was able to redeem himself. I do not like the way he chose to do that, but considering he probably felt he had to pay penance for all those hidden sins/bribes, he saw it as justice.

I cannot say that I recommend this book, but others might find it interesting. If you focus on Quinton’s road to redemption and less on a married woman having an affair, parts of the story have some merit. As a romance, I found the story depressing.


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