Jonesin for action, looking for a good time

Jonesin’ For Action ♥♥♥

Aiden is a Navy SEAL who lost his leg while deployed on a mission in the Middle East.  Now stateside, he is trying to get his confidence back and see if he can still get a woman or will she be turned off by his prosthesis. But then again, he does not want her to sleep with him out of pity either.

Marissa is a bartender in Key West who is so glad that Aiden walked into her bar. After some light banter, she is convinced that she needs to make a move on him before he leaves with some other chick.

The resulting interaction persuades both of them to think “long term relationship” instead of a “vacation fling one-night-stand”.

My heart went out to Aiden. He sees his injury as a loss of his manhood. Once proud of his body in top prime form, he is embarrassed of his scars. He forces himself to wear shorts to get used to the stares and whispers of having a prosthetic leg.

While Aiden was concentrating on the part of the leg he did not have, Marissa was intent on showing her appreciation for the rest of his fine, muscular, toned body. She was a good strong female character that was able to deal with his lack of self-confidence. I liked how she would flip his comments to make it seem as if he offended her. That threw him off enough to break through his defenses.

Overall, the book had a good storyline, but the ending left me wanting an epilogue.

As with the rest of the books in this series, these novellas are HOT with plenty of steamy (graphic) love scenes. Once the main characters meet, it is one love scene after another. These mature adult stories are not for anyone with delicate sensibilities.


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