Coyote brings so much heat

 Coyote Heat ♥♥♥

On vacation in Key West with his SEAL team Arapaho, Miguel Cruz (team name Coyote) heads to the local bar to look for some action. He literally bumps into Cori, spilling her drink all over her shirt. She is obviously not amused. It is not a good first impression. Later he sees her again and uses all of his charm to change her mind. After getting over her initial annoyance at Coyote’s clumsiness, she is coaxed into having a drink with him.

Cori cannot deny the sparks flying between her and Coyote, but when she finds out that he is a SEAL, she put up emotional barriers to prevent heartache like the one caused by her ex-boyfriend.

Like all of his SEAL team members, Coyote does not realize, until he meets THE ONE, that he wants to settle down <kind of cheesy but this is a romance novel after all>. Even though the story is one long love scene with interspersed conversation, it is evident that Coyote and Cori click and have chemistry to work. Since their romance was a short one, I wonder if Cori will be prepared for the intensity and determination of a relationship with a SEAL. If so, they will live happily ever after.

As with the rest of the books in this series, these novellas are HOT with plenty of steamy (graphic) love scenes. Once the main characters meet, it is one love scene after another. These mature adult stories are not for anyone with delicate sensibilities.


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