Catching a Greek Billionaire is easier than expected

The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire by Marian Tee ♥♥

Available on Amazon in Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance Boxed Set (10 Book Bundle)


Mairi knew from her teenage years that she wanted to marry a Greek billionaire. She decided that she wanted to marry a billionaire, more specifically a Greek one, because her aunts read her Harlequin romance novels as bedtime stories. So that means she is not a gold digger right? More on that later… She gets a job teaching in Greece at an international school so that her Greek billionaire love can find her.

Damen is a deliciously handsome Greek billionaire who is the brother of one of Mairi’s students. He sees Mairi and has to have her. Since there is some serious chemistry and he does not have mistress, he is on the prowl for pretty young body to warm his bed.

My Opinion:

Mairi’s views are the product of unintentional, well-meaning, but irresponsible parenting. Her aunts tried to instill an optimistic view of life and in her ability to succeed in whatever tasks she set to achieve. They neglected to introduce her to realities of life as it relates to men. As a result she is trying to recreate a romance novel as real life (even as I write this I do realize that this story is not real, but I digress). In her mind, it is okay to target a billionaire because that is part of making her dream relationship come to life.

I will admit that there are fairytale-like stories where a super wealthy, uber-hot man might marry a woman of average financial status (google George Lucas new wife- he’s not uber hot but he is super rich). However, if the woman made it her goal to “catch” the aforementioned man partially based on his wealth, she is a GOLD DIGGER! Trying to deny that fact would be like saying Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman was not a prostitute. It does not matter how nice she is or what she plans to do with all that money once she is married. Marry for love and not his bank account. Mairi could be the poster child for the reason rich men need pre-nups.

This book did not have a happy-ever-after ending and I am glad. However, I did not realize that this was the first book in a series. You should know by now my feelings towards authors that drag a story out into multiple books. Ughhh! So probably by the end of the series, Mairi and Damen will probably be a couple. I do not know how I feel about the gold digger potentially coming out on top (no pun intended) and being achieving her goal.

Overall, I probably will not read the rest of the books to finish the story since Mairi annoyed me. She is looking for external forces, more particularly wealth, to bring her happiness. Damen was typical alpa-male that was used to getting what he wanted. As arrogant as he was, I did not dislike him but he was not at the top of my list of favorite heroes either.


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