Celler 56 – Buckhead Atlanta

What do you call tapas if it is not at a Spanish restaurant? Small plates.

This is what Cellar 56 is all about. The nibbles. >>something to know before you go<<

Hubby and I went because we had a Groupon for 2 entrees and 2 drinks. Sounded great. I checked out the menu online. Oooo weee yummy options.

I ordered the lamb chops with balsamic vinegar glaze reduction. I asked the waiter what side accompanied the dish. At this point, I was still thinking this is a regular plate. He said “a bed of arugula”. To me, that response sounded like a fancy way to say “there is no side”. However, I kept an open mind because this was our first visit. Hubby and I ended up ordering additional plates. See picture for my plate #2 which was a BBQ pork eggroll. It was tasty as well. One plate is not enough to fill you up unless you are a bird OR you eat before you come.

For my drink, I ordered a margarita. It was salty, a little sour, and sweet enough for my tastebuds. I enjoyed it.

Each plate is in the price range of $5-10, so it was not too pricey. There are a variety of dishes for every palate. Our server was attentive and helped us decide what we wanted. By the end of your meal, you will still probably spend about as much as you would have in another restaurant with standard size dishes. The only difference is that at Cellar 56, you would have had the chance to try several different mini plates.

Overall, we have a good time. I would go again. I recommend Cellar 56 to anyone looking for something different in Buckhead area in Atlanta.


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