Hard Apple Cider

I do not like beer ***GASP!!!***

Yea, I said it. I’m not a beer drinker and I have tried plenty trying to find one that would suit my fancy (but that’s another post for another time). That being said, when I go out with friends during Happy Hour, I was tired of sipping my high dollar wine when they had $1 beer specials. I needed to find something that was not as expensive for a social drinker as myself.

Enter hard apple cider. ~~applause, bells, and whistles~~

My first taste with hard cider was Woodchuck. Of this brand my favorite is the Pear. Woodchuck is the least expensive that I have found. I can get it on tap or in a bottle at many bars around $3. The flavor is crisp with a little bite to it. The flavor profile is simple. I can taste the fermented flavor, a hint of apple, and not much else.

The prize for my favorite hard cider is a tie between Windy Hill Rusty Gold and Somersby Hard Cider. Both have extremely different flavor profiles, but are really yummy in their own right.

Windy Hill Rusty Gold is very complex with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and orange peel. The aroma hits the nose and the cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and orange peel dance on your taste buds. This is definitely a sipping cider because you need time to reflect and savor all the different flavors. Since I am all for local owned breweries, distilleries, and the like, I am always happy to support locally owned businesses like this. They are located in Rock Hill, SC (about 3 hours from where I live). I plan to head up there and take a tour of their farm when I get some free time.

As complex as Windy Hill Rusty Gold, Somersby Hard Cider is supremely simple apple flavor. Somersby Hard Cider is as smooth as they come. I often wonder if Somersby Hard Cider is sparkling apple juice. It has the fizz and the cider flavor is so light, that it is an easy to drink beverage. I have to restrain myself from drinking too fast because of the alcohol content. Have I mentioned how smooth it is? I love it! The negative about Somersby Hard Cider is that it is hard to find in the bars around town. I would prefer Somersby Hard Cider to Woodchuck. The positive about Somersby Hard Cider is that it is a great drink for garden parties. It is light, smooth, and refreshing.

Are there any hard ciders that you suggest I try? I am open to new ones and will let you know my opinion of those as I try them.


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