Is your Man of Fantasy as good as this

Man of Fantasy (Arabesque) ♥ ♥


Nayo is a photographer who is being commissioned to provide artwork for Ivan’s house. His interior decorator said he needed artwork on the walls since the houses design was going to be featured in a prestigious architectural magazine. During the course of the story, they fall for each other.


The story consisted of a clichéd plot: a love-then-leave-them, relationship challenged man who is intrigued by a woman who does not want a promise of commitment.

I think a lot of Ivan’s change in attitude towards relationships and marriage had to do with the fact that his two best friends were engaged and had wonderful significant others. They took every opportunity to tell him how great life was to be committed to one woman.

As for Nayo, I cannot understand her reluctance to even consider a relationship and career at the same time. Why not tell the man up front, “A relationship with me does not mean I will not pursue my career”? She acted as if she had to choose one or the other. Granted her ex-fiancé wanted her to choose, but that is why he became an ex! She built a relationship barrier over something that could have been cleared if she would have communicated more.

I did enjoy the characters in a few instances. The scene where Nayo photographed Ivan was cute.

However, most of the time, I was rolling my eyes in annoyance. Ivan was a man not used to having to chase the woman. Plus it seems that he is mostly doing the “relationship thing” not to be left out of the loop with his buddies. As for Nayo, she did not know how to have a work-life balance.

After they get married, the thrill will be gone.

Coupled with the fact that they seemed like they will have to work very hard to make the relationship succeed (as opposed to other couples whose personalities seem better suited), and I wonder how long will they stay married.


Overall, Man of Fantasy is okay if there is nothing else to read. I do not know if I recommend buying this book, but get it from the library.


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