Wishy-washy Gypsy love

Gypsy Bond  ♥ ♥


Juliet married a Gypsy man named Marko and then he left with his Gypsy group. Years later, the Gypsy group is back camping near her home. And she wants her husband. Marko thinks it is best for her to marry a nobleman since the law does not recognize Gypsy weddings anyway.


Since the story was short, there was not a lot of character development. The author tried to give a little history of why Marko left Juliet after they first got married. I thought Marko was a jerk when he was trying to hurt Juliet’s feelings as a way to persuade her to forget about him.

He was unnecessarily mean considering Juliet waited so long for him to return. He acted as if she should just forget him because he demanded.

THEN when it suited him, the mutual attraction has him listening to his body instead of his mind. I had about enough of him and began grit my teeth. He cannot claim her and then say she needs to marry someone else.

Juliet was so sweet – possibly because she was pining for her first love and ignoring how he was really treating her. I did not think that Marko deserved her love. But since she loved him, he should have been gracious enough to accept it instead of treating her the way he did.

I do realize these are not real people, but I have strong feelings about the way men should treat women who love them.

Should you buy? No. If you must read this book, try to find it at the library or your local thrift store. There are a lot of books out there for 99cents with better heroes.


One thought on “Wishy-washy Gypsy love

  1. Your writing conveys your distinct dislike of the book, especially the Marko character. I have to agree with you. I would have had a hard time finishing it and probably would not have. Hopefully, my novels are better written than this.


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