Losing weight with Creative Bioscience

20 Day Diet (3 Bottles)

I purchased a subscription to Bulu Box. For those who do not know, Bulu Box is a monthly service that provides 5-10 samples of health products. So products are full size, while others are only one serving. I am not sure of the regular price for the boxes, because I purchased through a LivingSocial deal.

***if you are not comfortable with discussing bodily functions, skip this review. I will not be graphic but I will speak in clinical terms***

In the box, I received a sample of the product Creative Bioscience 20 day diet. The blurb said that it was “blend of African Mango and Raspberry Ketones to help you lose weight, increase energy, and have greater control over your appetite”.

Ingredients list and explanation from their website:

  • African Mango (seed extract, not the fruit) stimulates the hormone leptin, which researchers think moderates your appetite so you feel hungry less often, and full longer after eating.
  • Raspberry Ketones affect the fat-moderating hormone adiponectin.
  • Guarana is a natural source of caffeine.
  • Chromium Picolinate plays an important role in burning fats and carbohydrates, and it also regulates blood sugar levels.
  • Citrus Aurantium is taken for its stimulant and appetite-suppressing properties.
  • Green Tea Extract contains health-promoting flavonoids.

I do not usually take diet pills. Lately though, I have been feeling like I need to a little something extra because I am not shedding the pounds like I thought I would after doing an intensive boot camp earlier this year. It can be discouraging.

I decided to take Creative Bioscience 20 day diet pills. The instructions recommended taking 2 a day, but I took one a day. The sample pills lasted 40 days. I did follow the instructions to take 30 minutes before my first meal of the day. While I did not follow their diet plan (something similar to Atkins), I did try to eat less fried foods and less starches. I also exercised 3-4 times a week for at least 15 minutes.

I was hoping that by taking these pills, it would jump start my weight loss since I have seem to have plateaued.

How did these diet pills make me feel?

They made me feel very hyper and jittery. I could not get to sleep before 12:30-1:00am. There were times where my heart rate seemed to be faster than usual.

I think my equilibrium was off while taking these pills. I fell more in the 40 days than I did all last year.

I was hungry all the time (which is surprising since I thought the pills would suppress appetite).

I had to pee a lot (probably from the increased water consumption).

While the pill did not affect the regularity of my bowel motions, they were softer than normal; however I did not suffer from stomach cramps.

I did NOT experience dry mouth, nausea, or dizziness.

When I stopped taking the pills, I had debilitating headaches for 2 days and mild chest pains. I figured that my body was going through withdrawals so I was trying to be too worried. But as a note of caution, I did tell a friend that if I dropped dead, let the medical examiner know that I was taking the diet pill (probably an indication I should not have been taking the pills in the first place).

All of the side effects went away a few days after I stopped taking the pills. My vitals eventually returned to normal. I did not lose any weight.

I was disappointed that all that I went through was for nothing.

So now I am back to exercising but I am trying different things with my diet and hope that helps me shed a few unwanted pounds.



One thought on “Losing weight with Creative Bioscience

  1. I’m glad you recovered from that mess. Jack and I are both doing his heart-healthy diet. I am on a prescribed water pill, but Jack has managed to lose 5 pounds and I’ve lost nothing.
    Hopefully, you’ll have better luck with the next package.


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