Red Hot compilation – MEGA review time

Red Hot Obsession (10 book compilation)

I cannot rate the whole book with one rating because the ratings for the stories varied greatly. Plus, there were a few that I did not even waste my time reading. Most are full length novels- meaning between 100-200 pages. I bought the whole collection on sale for 99cents one weekend. I thought that if only one book was entertaining, that was still a good price.

These are the books that I thought were worth reading ♥♥♥

That First Kiss (Night Calls Book 2) (J.C. Valentine) – favorite book of this whole compilation. It was not anything outstanding but the story was cute. Piper and Tate have a quickie is a club bathroom (ick!) Friday night and find out Monday morning that they are working together. Oh joy! As you can imagine, hilarity and much sexual tension ensues. (writing a post about this one later)

His Wicked Games: A Cunningham Family Novel (His Wicked Games #1) (Ember Casey) – Lily has staked out Calder’s mansion because she wants to force him to honor the agreement his father made regarding a donation to their non-profit organization. Calder is not moved, but then decides he will play a game where the winner takes what they want. They are both dealing with some things.

In the Meh category ♥♥


Stories in the compilation that I did not Read

 Layers Deep (Layers Trilogy Book 1) (Lacey Silks)– no happy ending until book 2 – at least the author had the consideration to tell me before I spent my time reading it. Thank you Lacey Silks!

His Indecent Lessons (Sky Corgan)– synopsis: Professor’s carnal knowledge lessons with a student. My opinion: Not for me. I tried to read it but the heroine was annoying and immature sounding. She was a college student so that probably has a lot to do with it. The professor’s lesson (the one scene I read as I tried to finish) sounded clinical instead of romantic.

Sorority Pledge Collection: Steamy Books 1-5 (Sorority Pledge Saga)(Daizie Draper) – six novellas and no happy ending until book 10? I’ll pass. I’m not buying another 4 books for a potentially lackluster story.

Billionaires in Disguise: Rae (Complete Series, Episodes 1-9): A Romance Novel(Blair Babylon) – synopsis: Part one of the story about a college girl romance with billionaire. Started reading it but did not finish because (1) the last 3 books (see above) were strike outs (2) I was tired of reading first person point of view stories and (3) the heroine seemed to be making some unwise choices. On a separate but kind of related note, I read another book by the same author (part of the same Billionaires in Disguise series) and I was indifferent towards those characters as well.

So this is how I felt for most of the compilation.

That was fine though because from an economical point of view, I spent 50cents each on two books that I liked. I got 8 mostly rubbish books but I choose not to focus on that.

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