Arabian nights with a rake

Arabian Nights with a Rake ♥ ♥


This story takes place in Algeria. A British diplomat’s daughter Susannah has been captured and is held in captivity by a sheik. She was summoned to dance for the sheik and his guests (including Alex).She hatches a plan in hopes to escape. Meanwhile, Alex is enthralled by her beauty and has to have her at any cost. Fortunately for him, the attraction is mutual.


I do not know much about Britain’s history during this period, so I did not understand the conflict. Alex’s behavior did not seem to be very “Rake” like, so the title was a contradiction to me (I sometimes get hung up on semantics). Susannah was a tough woman that did what she felt she had to do in order to survive. Knowing that the sheik’s brother-in-law lusted after her, she had to make alliances in order to elude his advances.

The book was okay but I did not feel involved in the characters. The story was too short for much character development. I feel like the story assumed the reader knew more of the history of the time period. Plus, I chose this book based on the cover art and thought it was going to be a totally different book. I thought the sheikh was going to be the hero of the book and not the source of conflict.

Besides the physical attraction between Alex and Susannah, I do not know what else they had. Their love story was not anything special. Some might find it romantic where the lead main character saves the woman and rides off into the sunset. There has to be more to it than that for me. I roll my eyes if after a day or two, the main characters are declaring everlasting love.

If you fall in love that quickly, you will probably fall out of love just as quickly.

I know I sound picky, but I have my opinions.

Should you buy? As I have said before, if you are just looking for something to fill the time during a rainy day or a wait at a doctor’s office, this is a book that can satisfy that need. If you’re looking for more than that, you might need to find a different book.


2 thoughts on “Arabian nights with a rake

  1. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, picky or not.
    At least I know what’s truly on your mind–a “weight” at the doctor’s office? Generally in that case, I’m not looking to fill but to lose. Also, I am so relieved to know that it’s happening to someone else and not just me. If there’s a homonym for it, I’ll type it instead of the word I wanted. I am very concerned about the loss of my gray matter! 🙂


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