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Nothing But Trouble ♥♥


In this cowboy romance, Melanie wants to prove to her father that she can survive in a remote area while managing her type 1 diabetes so that he will fund her expedition to Africa. She offers Stoney money to take her on a trip in the mountains in Wyoming. She neglects to tell him that she has diabetes and needs very specific care.

Stoney needs the money that Melanie is offering to fix up his family ranch in Wyoming. His father was injured in a fire and currently is in a wheelchair. He does not want to help Melanie but sees no other viable option.


I think that Melanie is a spoiled brat who has been sheltered her whole life. When given the chance to show that she is mature to take care of herself, she botches it seriously and almost loses her life. And somewhere in the midst of everything, Stoney falls in love with Melanie.


Melanie did not seem lovable to me. The more the story progress, the more aggravated I was with Melanie. She withheld information so that she could manipulate the situation. She knew if she told Stoney the full truth, he would not have taken her on that remote trip.

Maybe I am being too hard on Melanie, but I think she needs to grow up before she can even think about having a relationship. As it is, I think Stoney is going to have to spoil her in order for her to be happy because she will only be satisfied when things are going her way.

Should you buy? If you like infuriating, bratty female characters and reading about the men that have to deal with them, THEN you will like this book. Otherwise, you will react like I did, “Meh”.

Book details from Goodreads
Kindle Edition, 193 pages
Published September 19th 2011 by Lisa Mondello (first published September 1999)
Available on Amazon


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