The Commander finds love

The Commander (Red, Hot, & Blue)



Now that all the SpecOps team members have their happy endings (this is the The Red, Hot & Blue series), Hank, the commander, is the focus of the story. Everyone looks up to and respects Hank. He has been a constant in their military career, like a father figure to most of them. Since he is larger than life for them, he cannot talk frankly to them about his feelings or what he wants out of life.

Lois is the mother to members of Hank’s SpecOps team. Just because she has adult children old enough to get married, does not mean she is some dowdy, old lady content to sit at home in her rocking chair waiting for the grandchildren to come. She is spunky, spirited, and energetic. She loves her sons, their girlfriends, and embraces everyone she meets with open arms.

Since Hank does not socialize with his direct reports, the image he had in his head about the way Lois (called Mama by his men) looked and how she actually looked was totally different. Before this book they knew of each other but had not met in person. When they finally meet, Hank was not prepared for the fact that she was hotter than his matronly mental image.


I have mentioned in previous reviews that I like it when the characters are mature. I cannot remember reading a romance where the characters were in this age bracket; however it totally worked for the story.

Lois is a hardworking woman who was unfortunate the first time around when it came to love. At least she has her sons that will do anything for her. She spoils them but not too much. I think I liked her so much because she sounds like my ideal book mom.

Hank is a rugged, mature man who touches my heart too. I think he was realistic enough to admit that his failed relationship was partially his fault. Given his position, he did not really have anyone he could talk to about personal matters.

It feels funny calling the characters by their names since up until this point, they were Mama and Commander. I was as happy that Lois and Hank found each other as I would be about my parents (or my friend’s parents) finding romance. I skimmed over the love scenes though. Who wants to read about their parents making out? Ughhh. I rather not think about that. Oh the visuals.

Overall, I liked The Commander (Red, Hot, & Blue) because it was different from what I am used to reading in the sense that the characters were more mature age wise. Bravo to Cat Johnson for this storyline.  Like the other books in this series, there is some graphic language and love scene detail.

Should you buy? It is worth the prices. While this story is full length, read the other stories in this series to get the full effect of who Lois and Hank are. Out of all the books, this is definitely the sweetest of all the story lines.

Book Details
ebook, 81 pages
Published December 31st 2013 by Samhain Publishing

4 thoughts on “The Commander finds love

  1. How mature is ‘mature’? I love books with older characters, mostly because we don’t get to read them very often. Romancelandia would have us believe that if you haven’t found love by 30, just shrivel up and forget about it.


    • They were in their 50s. Mama’s grown children were Navy SEALS.
      I would rather read a book with older characters than the young adults barely 18 ones.

      Two days after meeting and he is the love of your life? I’m glad I’m not married to the guy I thought I loved at 18. So it’s hard for me to take them seriously.

      But the older you get, the more you know what you like and don’t. Insta love can be more believable.


      • Agreed. My parents were a RL insta-love story at 19 & 23; they’ve been married 50+ years…and I STILL don’t take it seriously in books. If I married my high school boyfriend…I can’t even type that without laughing 😂😂😂. But I do remember those days of falling “in love” fast when I was young. But I fell out of love just as fast and easily too.


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