As Seen on TV Wrist Wallets #tryitTuesday


I am starting a new feature called “Try It Tuesday”. It will be the second Tuesday of each month. This feature is all about product reviews.


Wrist Wallets – As Seen On TV


This is a zippered wrist pouch. Not much else.

I wanted to a Phubby but none were available on Amazon Prime, so I thought this would suffice. It was a 3 pack for $10. Not exactly a bargain but I needed it for an event I was going to be in that next weekend.

It looks exactly like the picture but the size is misrepresented.

They said it could hold a small cell phone and mp3 players. They need to put a caveat saying “Only if you have that Motorola Razor from 2005”. The pouch barely was big enough to fit a credit card.

They should have said “Can hold cash OR a credit card OR one small car key. Nothing else.”

I was not impressed.

TOW Verdict: Pass on this unless you need a small pocket for a key and a few dollar bills. Probably best used by little kids.


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