Short romance novella #reviews

I read a few novellas and none had enough substance to warrant a full blog length post.

Overtime Love



Drew thought he would own the semi-pro football team where he is general manager. The owner died and left it to his granddaughter Tasha.

Tasha does not know much about owning a football team and is cognizant of the fact that the current general manager thought he would own the team. She knows that they have to work with each other if the team is going be a success. At the same time, she is trying to figure out why her grandfather put her in this situation.


The story line is not very original but it was entertaining.

Drew and Tasha have preconceived notions about each other. However, these prove to be false once they get more acquainted with each other. Since they acknowledge the intense attraction, they decide to mix business with pleasure with the caveat that they are leaving their hearts out of it.

He said, “He could make love to her for the rest of his life, but he remembers their agreement – no ties, no commitment.”

She said, “She wanted this incredible man in her life but knew she had to keep the desire unspoken.”

It is obvious to the reader that they have deep emotions for each other but it is a matter of who will crack first and profess undying love and devotion.

How long will it take to communicate?

Thankfully, it did not take long since this is a novella.


Ex-mas Reunion



Kendra and Damien are stranded in a snow storm at the airport. Needing to get home, they decided to drive a car together since all the flights are cancelled.


There was not much to this story. The reason they broke up was poor communication. They needed a long drive to provide them with uninterrupted time to talk out their emotions.


Holiday Affair



Ava and Colby are Atlanta attorneys that engage in a one-night stand. Then they find out that they are the opposing counsel on a major case. Colby’s client is suing Ava’s client for employment discrimination.


The story line was okay. In comparison to the love scenes in the other two stories, this story was extremely graphic. I was not prepared .

It was at that point where I started to doubt that this was supposed to be a romance. I wanted to tell Ava to stop jumping bones with Colby. In the midst of all the uncontrollable “lovemaking”, they decide to commit to each other.


Should you buy? If the book is in compilation, then yes if the price is not more than $2. If the books are sold separately, then Overtime Love might be the only one that I really recommend.



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