Photo Blogging #Challenge October 2015 theme: Close-up #photoblog

October’s theme for the photo blogging challenge hosted by was Close-up. The challenge this month was to have pictures other than food.

Photo 1 – Hubby and I tried to make banana chips using the dehydrator. I thought it would be easy and did not read any directions (BIG mistake!) before cutting up a few pounds of bananas and arranging on the dehydrator for a day. This the before picture. I did not bother with the after shot because they did not tastes or look good. We will try again. But next time, I will use a recipe 🙂


Photo 2 – We went shooting at the shooting range and while I was waiting my turn, I was looking at the bullets. I am not sure which type of bullets these are. It is a heavy feeling to know that something so small can cause so much damage when not handled properly.


Photo 3 – This is a freshly baked Chick-fil-a chocolate chip cookie. It was so warm and soft. The chocolate chips were perfectly melty. While I ate, I tried to savor the flavor. As a result, I was looking at the cookie and decided the world needed to see this close up.


Photo 4 – This is a picture of my windshield on the first day there was frost. As far as I am concerned, I am officially in mourning the loss of summer. We live in the South and usually have mild winters. I cannot remember the last time that it was this cold in October! April cannot come fast enough.


Photo 5 – Hubby and I went to Cancun the beginning of the month. We stayed at the Riu Las Palaces resort. Great place (totally recommend for your next vacation). At the Italian restaurant Los Arcos, I ordered lamb chops (because I love lamb…but I digress). I usually order it medium rare. I felt that they served it to me rare, but that was fine because it was DELICIOUS! The picture shows the last bite with my clean plate in the background.


Those are my pictures for the month! Go to and check out submissions from other bloggers participating in this challenge.


10 thoughts on “Photo Blogging #Challenge October 2015 theme: Close-up #photoblog

  1. I’m not a lamb lover but I have to say, that lamb looks really good. These shots are so fun and so thoughtful. My favorite is the shooting range!


  2. Good shots this month. I need to get into dehydrating some fruit and such, too. I don’t use my dehydrator enough. I want to make some jerky, too, I think. 😉 The other close ups are well done. And the frost.. .I agree! Even being in the northeast, I don’t like seeing it!


    • When I dehydrated the banana chips, they were crispy at first but then they got really soft and were at the point where they were inedible. I tried to eat them, but they just were not any good. Plus, I do not like dried chewy banana.
      I am going to research how to get dried crispy banana like the banana chips you buy in the store.


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