Top Ten New-To-Us Authors in 2015

I wanted to participate in the The Broke and the Bookish Top Ten Tuesday for a while but was never able to get myself together to write the post earlier enough in the day. The main reason is that I am horrible about making lists. However, one of my goals for the year was to join in the Top Ten fun at least once.

This week’s theme is Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015. It was relatively easy for me because I read a lot of new authors this year. I was trying to venture out of my comfort zone. Without further ado, my TOP TEN.

  1. Xyla Turner  Xyla Turner

    When I read Across the Tracks, honestly, I was not expecting how much I was going to enjoy this book. It’s an interracial romance between two people that hate each other from the beginning. Xyla wove such an engaging story that I wish that I knew these Lisa and Rich in real life. I was bereft when the story was finished because I needed more. I have been recommending her to everyone I know.

  2. Alexander Ivy Alexandra Ivy

    I read Kill Without Mercy (scheduled to release later this month-full review coming soon) and decided that I want to read more of her books. This book in particular has me hooked on her ARES Security series. It’s a suspense thriller with romantic elements. Rafe and Annie are a cute couple, but I cannot wait to read his friends’ stories too.

  3. Alyse Zaftig

    I read The Alpha Lion’s Bride which was a lion shifter-interracial romance. Animal shifter plot line notwithstanding, I like how her characters were so believable. Trevor was so intense but Allison did not fall in line just because. The story was not cheesy. Thanks Alyse!

  4. Jacqueline Sweet  Jacqueline Sweet

    The book A Slice of Honeybear Pie is a were-bear- interracial romance. Matt is a loveable, cuddly were-bear who happens to meet his mate at the courthouse. Since he has a major sweet tooth, it’s a good thing she is a baker. The story overall was good and I like the world that Jacqueline created.

  5. Vivenne Savage

    I read The Right to Bear Arms and I instantly fell in love with Russ, a widower ex-military bear shifter. He was an alpha with the right amount of tenderness for Daniela. I liked the tidbits of his friends that Vivenne shared and know that their stories will be just as entertaining.

  6. Sable Hunter

    I read Texas Wildfire and was hesitant at first because I thought it was going to be a love triangle romance between a firefighter, his captain, and his captain’s wife. Thankfully, it was not. I did appreciate how Sable handled the topic of domestic violence and addressed how some victims might feel threatened into staying in an abusive relationship.

  7. Eliza Gayle   Eliza Gayle

    On a whim I bought Dirty Sexy Furry. The story about Lucas a were-lion and Kira a psi had its convoluted elements, but they all seemed to fit together. I liked the way that Eliza intertwined the internal and external conflict in the story.

  8. G.A. Aiken

    In the book Feel the Burn, I was introduced to a Game of Thrones type of world. Gaius is a one-eyed dragon shifter king and Kachka is a woman from a tribe that has little regard for males. It was a hilariously energetic story. I wondered why I was just now finding out about G.A. Aiken. I have a lot of books added to my TBR.

  9. Nina Bruhms  Nina Bruhns

    In the book Kiss of a Lifetime, Trey and Lacy have a one-night stand in the midst of a country coup. Years later, they meet again and sparks fly. The story was so sweet that when I finished, I wanted to read more from Nina. I even started following her on Twitter.

  10. Shelly Munro  Shelley Munro

    I read the book Blue Moon Dragon about Jack, a taniwha dragon shifter, and Emma, the girl who has a crush on him. I had never read any story based on Māori mythology, so it was interesting. Looking forward to more from this author too.

Join in the fun and share your favorite new authors of 2015 in the comments or in a post of your own. Be sure to link back to  The Broke and the Bookish Top Ten Tuesday since they are hosting this meme!

As for me I will …


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