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Fresh Temptation (Barboza Brothers Book 1)



Cara is a single mother with 3 jobs trying to pay for medical bills for her son. When she loses 2 of her jobs, Victor comes to the rescue.

Victor is a young billionaire, jaded about love since he caught his ex-fiancé with her personal trainer. There is something about Cara that attracts him. He arranges for her to work for him.


This is I-want-her-because-she-is-not-impressed trope romance.

Victor is a typical alpha-billionaire who is able to manipulate circumstances to get close to the woman who he has been lusting after from the moment he met her.

“This sexy, luscious woman had captured his attention like no woman in years”. 

Cara does her best to keep her focus and not fall into a relationship with Victor, HER BOSS, but his tenderness weakens her resolve time and time again.

“You lure me in with your kisses and those sexy Spanish words”.


Not long after they meet, they are in bed together. Soon after that, he wants her to meet his family. Considering that he was recently engaged, I think he is on the rebound because Cara is so different from his ex.

Does different mean better? Who knows? True that Cara is not shallow and superficial, but is that all Victor needs in a woman to make the relationship work?

With regards to the book’s villain and subsequent conflict, Victor’s ex does not get the hint that she messed up and is no longer wanted. She makes herself a thorn in their relationship. She was unhinged enough to cause problems that necessitated obtaining a restraining order. What Victor finally does to her was fitting and made me chuckle.

Should you buy? This is a predictable, fantasy romance. The story moves quickly so there is little time to get bored. I recommend reading when you want a light romance with mild drama. This book is the first in the Barboza Brothers series, but can be read as a standalone novel.

Book details from Goodreads
Kindle Edition, 192 pages
Published November 7th 2012 by Sugar Shack Press
series Barboza Brothers #1



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