Latest Genre Binge: Alien-Human Woman #romance #scifiromance

As I have mentioned before, I sometimes get in a genre binge moods. I was feeling like some alien-human woman romances.

Amazon made some suggestions and I started clicking. In retrospect, I probably should have searched a little more. These books were short and mediocre at best. I tried to look for the positive though.

Caressed by the Savage Alien ♥♥

Plot in a nutshell: Viktor kidnaps Natasha because he feels she belongs to him.

TOW Opinion: He was a self-entitled jerk in the beginning. She had family and friends that loved and missed her. I was not used to that. My moral code dictates that only women that have no family or friends are allowed to be kidnapped. The only bright point was that she was able to get him wait before getting physical.

Rescued by the Alien ♥♥

Plot in a nutshell: Melody is kidnapped from her home and is sold to Garon from an alien slave market.

TOW Opinion: She was only 20 which is too young to be starting any relationship. The whole thing seemed really traumatic considering it was supposed to be a romance. The only bright point is that Garon was nice.

Waking up with the Alien ♥♥

Plot in a nutshell: Mary goes to sleep and wakes up on another planet where she is told she is to wife of Ac’von and made queen. Plus, they are changing her name.

TOW Opinion: I thought the author needed to hash out the plot a little more. The alien characters did not seem to have much patience for a person they just kidnapped. They brought a stranger to a totally new world, but expected her know how things worked on their planet. Plus, their race seems to have a lot barbaric traditions and a tinge of overwhelming misogynist tendencies.

Should you buy any of these? There are so many better books out there, BUT if you are looking for a little bit of evening reading entertainment, any of these might fit the bill. I do not read a lot alien-kidnapped woman romances to know if I am being too harsh with my rating. I do realize, there are readers who will like the book for exactly the reasons why I did not like it.


Caressed by the Savage Alien

Rescued by the Alien

Waking up with the Alien


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