Stepsibling #romance stories by Terry Towers #findyourkink

Stepbrother’s Unbridled Passion box set  – Terry Towers

Her Stepbrother’s Secret Desire ♥
Synopsis: Chloe and Ryker are going to be living together while she attends college. He chased the boys away while she was in high school, but she did not realize the real reason for his jealousy.

Seeking Prince Charming ♥♥♥
Synopsis: Chloe and Reed meet through a dating website. Their parents are not together. Nor was it an amicable divorce.

Her Stepbrother, Her Hero ♥♥♥
Synopsis: Anthony ruined Gabriella’s night at the prom because he could not stand the thought of any other guys touching her. When it appeared that he might show interest in her, his dad made him enlist in the Marines. Five years later, he is back.

Since these were all novella length (meaning: short stories), I did not bother separating out the reviews.

There seems to be a glut of romances between step-siblings out these days. When you buy one, all of a sudden, Amazon thinks that is your thing and suggests a 100 other books they think you might like too.

I may read “step-sibling romances”, but I am very sensitive to any ick factor. If the two grew up as siblings, then that is a major ICK. I don’t want to read about two people who are trying to justify their relationship by constantly saying “We grew up together but we are not related by blood!”

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Another ICK factor for me is the age of the heroine. If they are the same age, that is one thing. But if the heroine is barely 18 and the hero is 25+, I think he is too old at that stage in her life. Basically, that is an ick factor in any romance for me.

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I know 18-year olds think that they are well equipped to make life decisions, but when it comes to love and relationships, the majority of them need to hold off before promising their everlasting love. If she was 30 and he was 40, it would be different.

Her Stepbrother’s Secret Desire got one heart from me because of the overwhelming icky-ness of their relationship.

  1. It seems they had been lusting after each other for a while.
  2. She is just out of high school!
  3. It seems they are going to play house while she is in college but I doubt they will last much longer than that.

Out of the three, Seeking Prince Charming was the cutest and no ick because they met through a dating website. Since, their parents changed spouses like other people changed shoes, they did not have time to form any kind of bond as step-siblings. They almost let their parents’ drama deny them of their own happiness, but I was glad it worked out in the end.

Out of the three, I liked the parents in Her Stepbrother, Her Hero the best. When it looked like Anthony was going to put the moves on Gabriella, his dad put the ax on that. Let the Marines make a man out him and teach him some self-control. Plus, the intervening five years gave them both time to grow up. The story itself did not have a lot of depth, but focused on the fact that they still were attracted to each other.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass
Depends. If step-sibling romances are your thing, BUY because you will enjoy this box set. If you want a romance without the borderline kink, BORROW for Seeking Prince Charming since it fits the bill as a sweet romance.

Print Length: 200 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Soft and Hard Romantic Publishing (October 26, 2015)
Publication Date: October 26, 2015
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC



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