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Earth Escape:

Odyssey to the edge of the universe

By Real Laplaine

Genre: SciFi Adventure

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Earth Escape is a sci-fi thriller set in the very near future, bordering

on a dystopian age where geopolitical powers on Earth are edging toward nuclear war, and

meanwhile, the interstellar ship, Evolution, and its captain, Jim Tale and his Ai companion, CASS,

are light years away in search of a new home and answers to the dilemma facing mankind. Was it

the Big Bang, Divine creation or were we put here for reasons we have forgotten? In this thrilling

space odyssey, Jim Tale, a misfit – a man haunted by demons of his past and plagued by these

existential questions, faces the most brutal truths about who we are and the creation of the

cosmos and the role he must play if he hopes to save Earth from an imminent apocalypse.

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Victor Hugo said … “A writer

is a world trapped in a person.”

That about sums it up for me. Besides the fact that I have a passion

to unleash a world of ideas inside of me, my purpose for writing is to inspire others, to remind

them that good does prevail over bad, to entertain the minds of readers, and to spark fires all over

the world which introduce ideas, which incite activism, evolution for change and not an abiding

faith to crusty old mediocrity; and ultimately, to repeat the message which sometimes gets lost in

the miasma of life – that no dream is too big to realize – no matter what others may say the stars

can be reached by those who want to.

“Everyone enjoys the escape. The thrill of living vicariously through

the eyes and skin of characters who do things we may never do, or who in fact, mirror parts of our

own lives, or who taunt us to live up to our ideals, our potentials – to our dreams. I write because

it’s a thrill, because coffee is cheap and I can sit and drink it all day while conjuring up stories for

readers to enjoy. Reading is soul food. It opens new horizons to us, it stretches the mind and it

reminds us that no dream is too big to realize.”

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