Monday Musings: Reading This Book Felt Like Eating Unseasoned Chicken

If you are book lover, you know you have felt like this a time or two 😀

Musings of A Romance Junkie

Tis the first Monday of the month; therefore, I muse…

You ever read a book that was well-written, at times, engaging, and just an all-around productive use of your time? But while you’re reading, you’re constantly asking yourself, “When is the bottom going to drop?” “When is the crazy ex gonna pop up and try to re-stake their claim?” “When is something dire from the past gonna resurface and threaten the couple’s happiness?”

You get through the entire book, and NOTHING! There’s no seasoning! You just read the equivalent of a two-piece white broiled with a splash of olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper. I mean, it fills you, but it isn’t savory. There are no lingering feels. You are already thinking about what you are going to read next.

Or is it just me? You don’t mind a romance with zero conflict. I just…can’t see how…

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2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Reading This Book Felt Like Eating Unseasoned Chicken

  1. This book sounds as boring as the one I’m reading. There’s a man in the boat who has peaked my interest, but I think the author forgot about him. I’ve skipped over some places so maybe it happened where I skipped. I’m only halfway through and it’s a struggle to read it. I don’t usually continue reading a book this badly written, but I want to find out about the boatman. I like a story to have something to be interested in and not just sex. With this book some sex might help it, but somehow I doubt it.


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