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Safe in his arms Texas Ranger style

Safe In His Arms (Manhunt Book 1) ♥ ♥ ♥


Mia is an abused wife running from a crazy ex-husband. Because of her testimony, he was sentenced to prison. He is supposed to be gone for a long while and she thinks she will be able to heal and rebuild her life. Unfortunately, Texas Ranger Alex has to tell her the bad news. Her peaceful life has now become a nightmare because her ex-husband has escaped prison.

When Alex first met Mia while helping to convict her ex-husband of her attempted murder, he could not deny that he was attracted to her. But considering the circumstances of how they met, he was good not to try to put the moves on a recently battered woman. Now that he sees her again, Alex knows that he has to do everything to protect her while trying to deny the attraction that is still present.


This is a short story with a very clear villain determined to get his wife back under his power. Fortunately for Mia, she picked a hero instead of an abusive, cowardly zero to love the second time around.

The story is gritty and action-packed. Mia’s ex has money and is well-connected. These are things that make it more difficult for the authorities to catch him and end and his reign of terror over her.

While all of this is going on, she still has time to fall in love. Granted I’m glad she does, but I wonder if it is too soon after a trauma. Maybe all she needs is a good man who would treat her right with tenderness and care (for any feminists out there, no need to hear from your peanut gallery- you know what I meant). However, a small part of me wonders how much healing does an abused woman need? It can be just as dangerous to leave one relationship and get into another without fully recuperating.

I know this post is turning serious, but when romance stories mix elements like this into their plot line, I worried about the message it sends. I do not think emotionally damaged women who have been abused and terrorized by significant others should be quick to get into another relationship ( even if the guy is a super awesome, physically well-built, make-ya-wanna-moan man). Getting physical with the new guy can confuse the situation.

Okay off my soapbox now.

Overall, I liked Safe In His Arms well enough. I was thinking about it long after I finished reading it. For the book to spur such thought and reaction says a lot. Bravo to the author for that.

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A cute bodyguard romance

Franco’s Fortune (Redemption Book 2) ♥♥♥

Franco is a businessman whose life is in danger. Someone wants him dead. His brother-in-law sends Jo to be his bodyguard. They are supposed to be pretend to be boyfriend-girlfriend so no one will guess that she is protecting him. Jo has had a huge crush on Franco but believes she is out of her league. As Jo begins to play (and dress) the part of his girlfriend, the player in Franco notices her more feminine attributes.

Even though Franco knows that someone is trying to kill him, he spends an inordinate amount of time trying to guard his privacy. That aspect of his personality was infuriating to Jo and me both. France put on a bravado act most of the time to hide his fear. Despite Franco’s consistent efforts to hinder the investigation of the attempts on his life, that mystery was solved in a way that was not too corny. The villains, suspense, and action were believable.

It is good to know that even though he was player, he had twinges of conscience when it came to how he treated Jo. He knew there were certain boundaries that he could not cross because he had to think about her feelings. But there were a couple of times I wish I could have hit him in the back of the head for some of his thoughtless comments. I granted him some leeway since he had been putting on a front for years without letting most people see who he really was.

Overall, I could have been annoyed with Franco, but his redeeming qualities won me over. Jo was an emotionally damaged individual because of her childhood, but she was able to overcome all of that and find family, home, and happiness.

I received ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review