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If you like Fifty Shades of Gray, then read this

In my opinion, these are all one heart stories. I know that other people might have a different view. The main reason why I did not like these stories is because I am not into the extreme dom/sub behavior. I do not understand the desire to be totally controlled, punished, humiliated all in the name of love? It is not that I am totally against soft bondage per se (difference between silk ties and handcuffs) in a storyline, but the dom’s attitude has a lot to do with how it colors the whole story. The commanding do-what-I-tell-you-to-do attitude is a major turn off. In my view, physical violence has no place in a healthy loving relationship.


Yes, Mr. Collins (Natasha and Mr. Collins) ♥ by Anna Antonia (writing as Charlotte deCorte):

Synopsis from Amazon: Brilliant, yet demanding, billionaire boss Mr. Collins will stop at nothing to get his assistant Natasha Reynolds.

Opinion: Natasha should have sued Mr Collins for creating a hostile work environment and for sexually harassing her. Part of the time, I think he forced her into do things because he was her boss. In some twisted way, the author wants to reader to believe his controlling attitude was supposed to turn her on.

Heidi and the Kaiser (Alpha Boss Secretary Office Romance) ♥ by Selena Kitt:

Synopsis from Amazon: When wanna-be designer Heidi accidentally stains fashion mogul Warren Kaiser’s pants, she gets two things she didn’t expect.

Opinion: Kaiser was a supreme TOOL and JERK. Heidi needs her head examined to be for not filing a law suit. Seriously!?!? Why is she willing to do whatever he asks her to do even when her conscious tells her otherwise? Kaiser became her pimp and she was his number one ho. That is not romance.

What He Wants (A sexy New Adult romance) (My Alpha Billionaire) ♥ by Tawny Taylor

Synopsis from Amazon: Billionaire Shane Trant always gets what he wants. He wants Bristol Deatrich, but only complete possession .

Opinion: I read some other books by Tawny Taylor and I was not prepared for the way the story developed. Thankfully in this book, this was not a boss/employee unhealthy relationship. But it was creepy story to me for other reasons. Shane was a friend of the family years ago. She used to call him “Uncle”. Now that she is “all grown up”, he is going to make a move? But he wants to know if she is trust him enough to be his sub. He has an entire room with devices dedicated to him twisted desires. All that was going through my mind was wondering if he lusted after her before he lost contact with her family. She would have been underage and he would have been a perv.


Why did I choose these books? I was on a billionaire romance kick, and bought all of these in addition to some others. I was looking for light cheesy romances. These were some of the darker, twisted ones that I skipped through most of the book because I was not entertained. These were more about sex than romance. It is not that I do not like a good, steamy love scene, but I want there to be more to the story than that.

I do realize that other readers (especially those who loved Fifty Shades of Gray) will probably give these 5 hearts for being steamy billionaire romances.