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Can’t Shake You should be Can’t Understand You #contemporaryromance

Can’t Shake You (River Bend, #1)


Carissa bought a house that she is remodeling to sell.

Josh is a contractor that helps Carissa after she fires her first contractor.

Carissa and Josh had a one night stand years ago, but decide that they cannot have a relationship now. Complicating things is the fact that Carissa dated Josh’s best friend. Plus Carissa’s best friend is marrying Josh’s brother.


I think that Carissa thought that what she had with Josh was never going to happen again and that is why she decided dating his best friend was a good idea. Not a choice I would have made, but I guess she realized that she did not have many options in a small town. It is still confusing why Josh was not an option for a relationship.

What I could not understand about this story

Josh’s hesitancy to tell his best friend about dating Carissa. It was not as if they were still dating. What kind of ridiculous “I got dibs on her” type of childish nonsense was that? Josh and Carissa were sneaking around so that they could hide their relationship from one person. The way they were carrying on, it was as if one of them was married.

What really annoyed me about this story

Carissa’s best friend kept pushing her to sleep with guys as if she needed to be in a relationship to be happy.

Overall, this book was not the best, but was not the worst. The villain did not seem to have a decent grasp on reality. What stalker is a sane person? Josh’s reason for not making their relationship public was borderline ridiculous to me. But in the end, they get together and all loose ends are neatly tied up.

Should you buy? Yes as a time filler for an afternoon or while travelling, but do not pay more than 99cents (last I checked, it was free on Amazon)

Book details from Amazon

Print Length: 326 pages
Publisher: Molly McLain (February 21, 2014)
Publication Date: February 21, 2014


Hot Coco not so hot for me

Hot Coco: An UnBridled Adventure

Scale of 1 – 5: ♥

I do not even know where to begin with this book. The book is mainly about a family that races horses. The West family. They have a stable and take care of other people’s horses and prepare those horses for races. Meanwhile, they are lucky and unlucky in the romance department.

This book was not for me. Words that come to mind when I think of this book: Frenetic. Chaotic. Disjointed.

The book introduced multiple characters. Which in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but, it was arduous determining who was the main character. The title of the book references a female character that does not end in a relationship with (who I assume) the main male character. Although Coco played a seemingly prominent role in the beginning, by the middle of the book she seemed to be a secondary character. From what I could gather, she looked good but she was a total klutz that damaged multiple people’s properties. I was so annoyed with her especially with her clumsiness. It was as if she was trying to ruin things. The little incident where she totaled Kate’s car was NOT amusing in the least. And she did not have much of a personality either.

There were numerous characters with so many pieces of different little stories going on, that the book did not have a cohesive feel to it. There were countless times when I wanted to just stop reading the book. The only reason why I did not do that is because I wanted to see how it ended. Sometimes, I feel as if I am a glutton for punishment. I thought to myself that the author must have some sort of resolution by the end of the book. Some loose ends were tied, but not enough to satisfy me.

After the story, there was a note from the author recommending some of her other books. However, based on this book I don’t know if I would buy anymore of her books. Sorry. My advice to the author is to stick to one main male and one female character. If the book is a story about a couple following in love, then the plot and storyline should concentrate on that.

In the beginning, even with the frenetic introduction, I thought that there was some promise to the plot. There were some really worthwhile elements in the story, but I think her book lost some of its clarity when she tried to incorporate the points of view of all the characters in one book. That approach is better suited for a soap opera or other drama TV program, but the same does not come across well in a romance novel.

Bottom line:  too many different stories

I cannot say that I recommend this book, but if this review peaks your interest, click Hot Coco: An UnBridled Adventure to buy on Amazon

Ask for it (Georgian #1)- Sylvia Day romance novel

Ask For It

Marcus is a spy assigned to investigate the murder of Elizabeth’s husband because of reasons having to do with espionage. Elizabeth and Marcus were engaged four years ago. She saw him in a compromising situation with a woman, and she ran off and married another man. Now a widow, Marcus has set his sights on engaging Elizabeth in a discreet affair.

I was super annoyed with both characters in Ask For It for these reasons

  1. I believe that no means no. The first love encounter, Elizabeth was really playing hard to get by telling Marcus is no. But he insists. I get that she was giving mixed signals. But she is tied up at one point. Not cool! If I as the reader have confusion about it being consensual, I am uncomfortable. I continued reading to make sure it all turned out okay. Marcus showed some concern after the fact, as if he wanted to make sure she really wanted it. But he should have stopped when she said no the first time.
  2. Elizabeth wants/loves(?) Marcus. She learns that she misunderstood the events that fateful night that changed their lives, leading her to wed another man. That being said, why does she give him grief about his love life while she was married? She did not even seem apologetic that she jumped to conclusions. Somehow it was still his fault.
  3. Once they were married (and this was no way near the end of the story), I would have thought Marcus would have been happy. But then he started acting like more of an emotional jerk. Hot. Cold. It gave me a headache.

Overall, Ask For It was not for me. Maybe some will like the back-and-forth between the main characters. And others might like the steamy love scenes . But as for me, I found it too tiresome. And a note of caution if you decide to read this book: it contains a lot of F-bombs . Is that how they talked back then? I would not know since I am not a historical linguistics expert.