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Slow Burn: read it for the hunky assassin

Slow Burn (Assassins Book 1) ♥ ♥


Leigh has a self-destructive lifestyle in which she is a promiscuous cocaine addict. This is her way of dealing with the fact that her father is a workaholic and does not pay attention to her.

Griffin is a former assassin who wants to protectively as pay brought to her deceased father. The people who killed Lee’s father are after her and Griffin promises to keep her safe.

Both Leigh and Griffin have been injected with an experimental top-secret serum that makes them almost invincible. The story focuses on their efforts to shut down the evil corruption so that they do not have to keep running for their lives.


This would have been a one heart story if it was not for Griffin. Leigh was a total jerk of a person. I get that she had daddy issues. The inability to stop making bad decisions was frustrating. Was she trying to get herself killed or what? Assassins are after her to kill her and she is looking for lines of coke to blow. Ugh.

I finish the book, skimming over parts of it because I wanted to know how they took down the villainous company. I did have a soft spot for Griffin. He was so damaged emotionally from the abuse he suffered while in prison. It is rare that a book delves into the type of abuse that Griffin suffered. That is quite possibly one of the few good things that I have to say about this book.

Leigh was a self-absorbed, selfish, self-seeking person that did not appreciate someone like Griffin, even in his damaged state. She was petulant and immature for the majority of the book. If Griffin wasn’t as good as he was as a bodyguard, she would have been caught long before she was.

By the end of the book, Griffin was the only person I cared about. If his happiness meant being with Leigh, I was okay with that because I wanted him to be happy. However, Leigh was the type of character that I am not sure that she is dependable enough to take care of Griffin in the way that he needs. Even with the current ending, I am not sure it would be a happy ever after.

Overall, I am not sure how to word my recommendation for this book. On one hand, I think it is worth reading for Griffin’s story. On the other hand, Leigh was such an unlikable person. There you have it. If after reading this review you decide to read the book, you at least have been prepared for the aspects of Leigh’s personality that were less than stellar.

There was drug abuse, explicit language, and violence.



She gives geek girls a bad name

Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl ♥♥

Jamie is video game playing geek girl that gets transported 200 years into the past landing in Micah’s house. Micah is an Earl that is courting a woman who he thinks is respectable enough to draw attention away from the fact that one of his mistresses died from poisoning. It seems the sole reason for Jamie to be transported back in time was for her to love Micah the way he deserved to be loved.

That is the whole book in a nutshell. I did not read the blurb about the book, going solely on the cover to choose my purchase. My mistake. I was ill prepared for the time travel aspect. Getting over that, I proceeded to accept that and try to enjoy the book as best I could. No biggie.

The more I read, the more annoyed I was with Jamie.

  1.  She gave everyone a nickname. She insisted on calling Micah “Mike”. I do not like it when people do that. I think it is disrespectful.
  2. I could not understand how it was that she did not like Micah one minute and then, just as quickly, she was in love with him.
  3. She knows she is 200 years in the past, but she keeps making a big deal of the vast cultural differences as if she never read a history book. She wants Micah to treat her as a modern woman like that would not be as much of a cultural shock to him as it was to her.
  4. Even though she was called a geek girl, she did not seem all that smart to me. Being a self-proclaimed geek (also part of a local Geek group), I want to say that being a geek is more than just playing video games all the time with no discernible social life.

I was not as annoyed with Micah but there were some holes in the story

  1. Micah seemed to be too straitlaced to be considered scandalous
  2. How he decided he was in love was another mystery for me. Halfway through the book, he declared in effect that would marry for duty and not love.

Jamie was an uncouth, brash, loser girl who needed to get her life together before she could think about falling in love. In my opinion, she was not over the breakup with her ex-boyfriend. Micah was an uptight earl who was unlucky in love because he was so stubborn. It is not that he was unlikable, but he was not that likeable either. By the time the story finished, I was indifferent to whether or not they would be happy.

Passion not really to die for

Scale of 1 – 5: ♥ ♥

This book was a listed as a romantic suspense and the main characters are Tommy and Ellie.

Ellie owns a restaurant in a small town in east central Georgia. Her ex-boyfriend Tommy broke up with her when she would not commit to the relationship. While they are doing this awkward dance around each other, Ellie has a bigger problem. Her mother visits her and proceeds to blackmail her.

While Ellie is trying to figure out how she is going to run away before her mother tells her secret, her mother is killed. Ellie is a prime suspect. Ellie thinks that she can tell the police only partial facts that she thinks is relevant.  Withholding information makes her look even more guilty. At this point, I realize what an idiot this girl is. And I keep reading. >>don’t ask me why<<

This book was annoying to me because Ellie kept holding secrets. There was no communication with Tommy because she was afraid of his reaction. I can understand not wanting to reveal a dirty, deep secret. But at some point, if you love someone enough, you have to be able to trust them enough to share the things that might tear you to apart. Let him decide.

Ellie did not have a passion to die for since she was willing to run instead of facing her demons with the man she suppose to have loved.
In my opinion, once she can confessed it all the love story/murder mystery got on track. Considering Ellie’s character annoyed me so much, I finally realized why I kept reading… so I would know what her secret was and who killed her mother. I cannot leave a mystery story without all ends neatly tied up.

Passion to Die For (Silhouette Romantic Suspense) is one of those books that I would suggest that you could read to fill the time, but if you had something else better to read then choose the other option.

Hot Coco not so hot for me

Hot Coco: An UnBridled Adventure

Scale of 1 – 5: ♥

I do not even know where to begin with this book. The book is mainly about a family that races horses. The West family. They have a stable and take care of other people’s horses and prepare those horses for races. Meanwhile, they are lucky and unlucky in the romance department.

This book was not for me. Words that come to mind when I think of this book: Frenetic. Chaotic. Disjointed.

The book introduced multiple characters. Which in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but, it was arduous determining who was the main character. The title of the book references a female character that does not end in a relationship with (who I assume) the main male character. Although Coco played a seemingly prominent role in the beginning, by the middle of the book she seemed to be a secondary character. From what I could gather, she looked good but she was a total klutz that damaged multiple people’s properties. I was so annoyed with her especially with her clumsiness. It was as if she was trying to ruin things. The little incident where she totaled Kate’s car was NOT amusing in the least. And she did not have much of a personality either.

There were numerous characters with so many pieces of different little stories going on, that the book did not have a cohesive feel to it. There were countless times when I wanted to just stop reading the book. The only reason why I did not do that is because I wanted to see how it ended. Sometimes, I feel as if I am a glutton for punishment. I thought to myself that the author must have some sort of resolution by the end of the book. Some loose ends were tied, but not enough to satisfy me.

After the story, there was a note from the author recommending some of her other books. However, based on this book I don’t know if I would buy anymore of her books. Sorry. My advice to the author is to stick to one main male and one female character. If the book is a story about a couple following in love, then the plot and storyline should concentrate on that.

In the beginning, even with the frenetic introduction, I thought that there was some promise to the plot. There were some really worthwhile elements in the story, but I think her book lost some of its clarity when she tried to incorporate the points of view of all the characters in one book. That approach is better suited for a soap opera or other drama TV program, but the same does not come across well in a romance novel.

Bottom line:  too many different stories

I cannot say that I recommend this book, but if this review peaks your interest, click Hot Coco: An UnBridled Adventure to buy on Amazon

I hate pranksters

Naughty by Nature (The NAUGHTY AND NICE Series)

Scale of 1 – 5: ♥

In the book Naughty by Nature (The NAUGHTY AND NICE Series) Tessa is a prankster. Wolf is a billionaire and her unwitting victim. But some how they get together, fall in love, and have a happy ever after story.

I don’t like pranksters. Especially when they are screwing with people’s minds and think it’s funny.

To make matters worse, those stunts Tessa pulled were to get attention when people were ignoring her.

How immature is that?

She was very self-absorbed at times. It seemed incongruous with the way she treated Wolf’s ailing mother and the fact that she was a teacher. Not saying that self-absorbed people cannot be teachers, but the good teachers are usually more mature in their actions.

Although she had some redeeming characteristics, the pranking annoyed me to no end. I don’t even know why I read/talked this book.

Oh yeah. I read a couple books by the same author, and thought it cannot be too bad.

I was wrong. Tessa was ridiculously annoying. Wolf should have dropped prank girl for someone who was less attention hungry.

Maybe I am too hard on this book. Or maybe you love this author. Or you like pranksters. In any of those cases, you can buy this book on Amazon by clicking Naughty by Nature (The NAUGHTY AND NICE Series)

Let me know what you think…