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Try It Tuesday: Cat Toys #cats #catsoftwitter #toys

This post is made possible by my cute furbaby Blaze.

Blaze is my kitty baby. Keeping it real as a cat mom, he is spoiled.

I buy him lots of toys. Honestly, I don’t know why because he seems to have more fun with the box instead of the actual toy. Still, I persist. I guess I am trying to figure out which toy might be that unicorn of cat toys that he will actually play with and not get tired of it.

Here are some of my latest purchases:

Kitty Flicks (by Kitty Boinks ) – flexible braided nylon that you flick across the room
TOW opinion: Blaze would not follow my hand to see where the flick would land. He looked at me with a bored expression and then walked off. In the opposite direction.

SmartyKat Interactive Cat Toys (by SmartyKat ) – launcher toy filled with catnip
TOW opinion: Blaze played with this for about 20 minutes one day and then would not play with it anymore. I am not sure what happened that turned him off to the toy.

Mouse Ball (by Petsport USA ) – catnip flavored ball with an easy drag tail
TOW opinion: Blaze liked this because of the tail. I guess this toy saved mice lives that day. It is not very sturdy. Blaze does not play with it anymore because it is in pieces now.

LED Motion Activated Cat Ball (by Ethical Pet ) – LED flash ball that is activated by touch
TOW opinion: Blaze would not play with it long enough to keep the LED activated.

TOW Final Word: The only toy that Blaze played with the most was the mouse ball. Because of the tail, he thought he was catching a real mouse.

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